| Nov 08, 2007

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Feature Article - November 8, 2007

Addington Highlands Council - Nov.5by Jeff Green

Trouble over bridges Roads Superintendent Royce Rosenblath did not have much in the way of good news for members of Addington Highlands Council this week. He informed them about two bridges that likely need replacing.

Jewell Engineering was in the midst of carrying out a required roads and bridges needs study for the township last week, when they found that the Flinton Bridge, which is located on the Deer Rock Lake Road, 100 metres off County Road 29, has developed a serious problem and was declared unsafe.


“We've closed the bridge temporarily,” Rosenblath told council, “basically we've got to wait until we get the formal report from the engineers before making a final decision”.

Rosenblath added that he expects the report will be completed soon, perhaps before the next council meeting. It might include an estimated cost for replacing the bridge. The bridge closing is causing a detour, but there is another bridge in the vicinity, and people can access their properties.

A second bridge, the Hartsmere Bridge, has also been recommended for replacement. “The Hartsmere Bridge is not closed, but it's going to take a load limit, which could have an effect on winter maintenance costs. What I'm really concerned about is the sand truck. We might need to use half loads all winter, which will cost quite a bit more,” he said.

Councilor Louise Scott asked, “Do we have anything budgeted for bridges?” and Rosenblath replied, “No, we chose to go with the Hughes Landing Road”.

The Hartsmere Bridge had been identified as needing replacing in the previous roads and bridge needs study, but the Flinton Bridge received a clean bill of health at that time.

Oliver Road – The township is going to pay for a survey to determine what property the township owns at the disputed Oliver Road.

Firehall damage attributed to skateboard park misuse – Fire Chief Casey Cuddy started his report on the condition of the Northbrook fire hall by asking a question, “Is there any chance we are looking at a new fire hall in the next two years?”

When no one answered, he carried on, saying “The reason is there has been a broken window there, cars are parked in front of the doors, dents in the walls and roof from rocks, and then there was the garbage can full of human feces.”

“We had a meeting after the window was broken, and the OPP assured us that they would monitor the skateboard park. But if these things continue, we'll have to fence in the skateboard park and set up specific hours of operation,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

“It's too bad the kids don't seem to appreciate the skate park and keep out of trouble. Of the 40 kids I saw at the park one day there were only two skateboards,” Casey Cuddy said.

Hydro One herbicide – Hydro One has scheduled forestry maintenance beneath some of their lines in the southern end of Addington Highlands. They will doing some cutting and a low volume application of Garlon 4.

Generators – Lennox and Addington County will be transferring the ownership of a generator, which was earmarked for emergency use and is located in Denbigh, to the township.

MOE letter – The township received a letter from Jon Morish of the Ministry of the Environment, asking the township for an action plan to deal with “several matters requiring attention” at the Buckshot Lake landfill site. The letter asks for the plan by December 7, 2007. Council decided to send a letter back asking for a deferral until budget deliberations in 2008, because the plan will require a commitment of resources, which are not budgeted for this year.

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