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Back to HomeFeature Article - December 3, 2009 An unusual recipe for cakeBy Julie Druker

Sophie Curran with one of her “diaper cakes”

‘Tis the season for Christmas craft fairs and while crafters are offering up plenty of the usual sparkly and glittering seasonal decorations and gifts like candles, tree ornaments, angels, snowmen, reindeers, wreaths and the like, I happened across an item for sale that in my 20-year history of crafting I have never seen the likes of before.

The place was the Sydenham Craft Fair at Loughborough Public School on Nov. 28 and the item was a cake. Not your average cake, mind you, since you can’t eat it. And who would want to. That’s because, and get ready for this….it’s made of diapers.

Sophie Curran of Yarker is the maker of these “diaper cakes” as she calls them and they are a festive and attractive assemblage of numerous baby diapers, (the large cakes contain 100 and the smaller ones 70), which are rolled, gathered and arranged into a tall, mutli-layered cake form that is tied with ribbons and attractively decorated with other useful infant-related products.


The entire cake is wrapped in clear cellophane and from a distance looks like a large and very festive wedding cake. Sophie informs me that the inner structure of the cake is made of two useable baby bottles, which form the cake’s basic structure.

Sophie came up with the idea recently while watching a cake decorating show and discussing with her husband what they might buy for her friend’s upcoming baby shower.

She recalled, “I said to my husband, “I know! I’ll make a diaper cake!‘”.

Not able to visualize her idea or understanding the concept her husband was not convinced at first - that is until he saw the finished product.

Sophie gave her first creation to her friend who loved it. Her friends encouraged her to make more and to try to sell them.

The Sydenham Craft Fair was Sophie’s first attempt to sell her works and she is pleased with the response she has been getting. “People really seem to like them. I just wanted to put the idea out there and see what kind of response I would get."

Sophie can custom make her diaper cakes using specific diaper sizes and she can design them with specific themes in mind. She added, "And they are not just great gifts for baby showers; they can be used anytime."

It will be interesting to see how she proceeds from here. Her next goal is to produce a flyer with a picture of one her diaper cakes on it so people can see exactly what a diaper cake looks like. She also plans to look into the annual Kingston baby show as a possible venue.

Does this Christmas craft story have a moral you ask? Yes. Two in fact. Never go into a Christmas craft show thinking that you have seen it all. And don't assume that a business based solely on making inedible cakes from diapers doesn't have legs.

Anyone interested in purchasing a diaper cake can contact Sophie at 613 378-6066 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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