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On January 14, 2010, The Land O’ Lakes Garden Club will welcome a special guest speaker, Janette Haase – and registrants of an Organic Vegetable Gardening Workshop - to their monthly meeting, which begins at 10:30AM at the Free Methodist Church in Cloyne.

Janette Haase, an experienced organic gardener who lives in Sydenham, spent several years as a market gardener, supplying organic vegetables to restaurants in Kingston and Ottawa - including Chez Piggy, the National Arts Centre and Chateau Laurier.

In 2009, Janette published a book, From Seed to Table, which has been picked up and distributed by Chapters and other major book distributors. She has used the book to accomplish three major goals:

Cf_council_meetingsTo make the connection between the act of planting one's own food and our responsibility to care for the environment and the world in which we live. To provide a practical manual "for someone who has never bought a package of seeds before" to guide them through a month-by-month time-table of designing, planting, harvesting, and storing vegetables from their own back yard garden.To offer menu ideas and delicious recipes that inspire people to eat seasonally and locally in a northern climate, using produce from local organic vegetable gardens.

Janette will do a free introductory presentation for Garden Club members and guests. Her book, From Seed To Table, will be available to Garden Club Members for $25/copy.

Following the Garden Club meeting, Janette will present a workshop for those who are interested in using the From Seed To Table guide book to learn the skills and techniques of organic vegetable gardening. Each workshop participant will receive a free copy of From Seed to Table. Lunch will be provided using recipes from Janette's book. Cost of the workshop -including lunch, a copy of From Seed To Table, and the afternoon presentation by Janette - is $60/person. Workshop participants are encouraged to attend the free Garden Club introductory presentation as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice if... workshop participants enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to continue to meet together on a monthly basis throughout 2010 to work through the chapters of the guide book and learn from each other? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if... they decided to create and care for a cooperative community garden in the process? And, wouldn’t it be even nicer if... so much interest was generated that they and other local gardeners established a Market Garden on the Hwy 41 corridor north of seven?

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, and perhaps in being a part of making this dream a reality, please call Eleanor Belfry-Lyttle at 613-336-1506 to register.

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