| Feb 09, 2006

Feature Article - February 9, 2006

Feature Article

February 9, 2006

Cell pohone tower petition sparks interest:Addington Highlands Council February 6

by JeffGreen

Thirteen thousand people put their names to a petition last summer that was circulated in Lennox & Addington and North Frontenac, asking that either Bell Canada or Rogers establish cell phone service to serve parts of both townships.


The petition was forwarded to the phone companies and to MPP Leona Dombrowsky and MP Scott Reid. This week, Council received a copy of a letter MPP Dombrowsky wrote to the Chairperson of the CRTC on the matter. After outlining the tourist economy in the region, and referring to the popularity of Bon Echo Park , Dombrowsky’s letter concluded by saying “I would ask that you take whatever action necessary to ensure that necessary cellular service is made available to the townships of North Frontenac and Addington Highlands .”

Along with members of the Economic Development Committee, Reeve Ken Hook attended a meeting in January with Leona Dombrowsky.

At a council meeting this past Monday, Hook said, “We understand that Bell and Rogers together are building a business case for a tower. Apparently they can now put equipment on existing towers and are asking for information about the location of towers throughout the region. It seems as if they are very interested, so all the letters and petitions might pay off in this case.”

Hook said that soon after the federal election ended, the township received a letter of support from MP Scott Reid.

Audible signal light As planning continues for a signal light at Peterson Road in Northbrook, MTO supervisor Dave Steed has responded to Addington Highlands Council’s request that the signal light include an audible feature so visually impaired people can use it safely.

The township has canvassed Doctor Tobia in Northbrook and Land o’ Lakes Community Services to determine if there is sufficient need, and is working with the CNIB. Doctor Tobia projected that up to 70 people would be served by such a device in the next few years, according to Reeve Hook, due to the aging population in the area. Others had somewhat lower numbers. Audible traffic signals are a rarity in rural Ontario and on provincial roads.

In his letter to council, Dave Steed asked for CNIB involvement. “The ministry is certainly willing to partner with the community if a need is determined and the intersection is suitable. If individuals, caregiver groups or the CNIB have approached Council, we would appreciate being able to contact them,” Steed wrote.

Reeve Hook said that the MTO would need much help from the CNIB if they are going to go ahead with this because this would be very unusual. “In fact, it would be a first in Lennox and Addington County ,” he said.

Three hundred metre setback on trout sensitive lakes Council has received a letter from Laurie Miller, of the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs, requesting that the township’s official plan be modified in light of recent Ontario Municipal board hearings. The province would like all newly created lots on what are called At Capacity or Highly Sensitive Trout Lakes only be considered if the tile fields on the new lots are set back at least 300 metres (over 1,000 feet) from the water.

The amended section would currently only apply to Machesney Lake, which is located west of Highway 41 about halfway between Cloyne and Denbigh, but the Ministry of Natural Resources can designate lakes at any time. The section does not pertain to development on already existing building lots.

Councillors on the whole were not entirely pleased with this imposition by the province, and questioned whether the 300 metre setback is altogether necessary, but nonetheless supported it in order to keep the Official Plan moving forward.

Mississippi Valley Conservation draft budget The Conservation Authority is increasing its levy on municipalities within the watershed a significant amount in 2006, almost 20%. The impact on Addington Highlands is limited, however, because the township only pays 0.16% of the budget. The levy on Addington Highlands is set to rise to $1,898 in 2006, from $1,654 in 2005, an increase of $244.

new members for Economic Development Committee Dave Winney and Jane Muston will be joining the AH Economic Development Committee. There was an existing vacancy on the committee, and when committee chair Bill Brown, along with his wife Juanita, move to Kingston next month, another vacancy would have been created if new members had not been found. The committee will select a new chair when it meets next.

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