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Feature Article - March 9, 2006

Feature Article

March 9, 2006


by Wilma Kenny

Sunday HuntingA delegation led by Rodger Jones asked Council to approve Sunday hunting during deer season in the Township. Mayor Lake pointed out that a motion to approve Sunday hunting had been defeated in May of last year, with only Councillor Barr supporting it, and it would require a 2/3 majority to bring a defeated motion back to Council so soon.


Proposed Changes to Fishing RegulationsWade Leonard spoke for a delegation asking Council to write a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources asking them to delay making proposed changes in the fishing regulations for at least 18 months, so the economic/social impacts of these changes could be examined. He noted several reasons: the proposed regulations on catch sizes threatened to destroy tourism related to walleye fishing, without substantially protecting the fish population, and suggested that better education and enforcement, combined with closing the walleye season before spring spawning in March, would be more benefit for both the fish and the fishers. Council agreed to draw up the letter as recommended.

Bottle-to-Bottle Glass Recycling Council moved a resolution in support of introducing a deposit return system on glass beverage bottles.

ATV’s Trespassing Off-roadIn a letter to Council, a local resident noted that ATVs are trespassing on the Cataraqui Trail, and on trails in Gould lake Conservation Area, causing damage to the trail surfaces. He expressed concern that the damage would become much greater, once the trails thawed this spring. (Although the writer didn’t say so, ATVs have permission to travel on all roads in the Township.)

Longer Council Terms?The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has informed Council that the provincial government plans to propose legislative changes to the Municipal Elections Act which, if passed, would extend the term of office for Municipal councils and school boards from three years to four. "A four-year term would provide municipal councils with more time to plan and implement their agendas, in a similar fashion to the federal and provincial governments." If passed, the legislation would make the change effective for the 2006 municipal elections, and bring Ontario into step with half the other provinces in Canada .

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