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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

Letters to theEditor

Roadside garbage accumulating againI am in my 81st year and have just spent three days “cleaning up” in advance of the #4 Recreation Committee clean up day on April 29 (We have other commitments that day). I began at Road 38 at the White Lake Road to our place, a distance of a little better than a quarter of a mile. I gathered 10 bags of garbage - plastic and pop bottles (some still half full). We do not have Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, Wendys or Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Godfrey but a lot of their garbage ends up here. Other garbage included a bag of men's filthy towels and clothing, someone’s pillows from their bed, tires, glass pop and beer bottles, advertising signs blown off trees, a load of old floor tiles which included a paper plate decorated with the words “I love you Chantel” on it, a (now) stinking cow hide which I could not lift and other stuff I couldn't get to because of water. Are you sick yet?


Would the people responsible for this mess toss it out the window going down Princess Street ? You could get caught and fined for littering. Does anyone have an answer to this problem?

Let us take some pride in our roadways and please don't use them as garbage dumps in the future. Think about it the next time you roll down your window to toss it. I also notice since I cleaned a portion of the White Lake road the garbage is starting to accumulate again already. Some people never learn.

- Jean Campbell

Central Frontenac - a 2006 tax objective? Council will commence their consideration of the Township 2006 budget on April 25. What lies ahead for the Central Frontenac tax payer? MPAC has increased the assessed value of the average residential property by 16.25%. Obviously, council cannot hold the tax rate at last year’s level - that would increase township taxes by 16.25% on the average property. They could keeptaxes, onaverage,at the same levelby loweringthe rate14%. But we have to be realistic; costs are increasing for the township just as they are for us. With roads being a major part of the township budget, the rising price of fuel will have a significant effect. Perhaps, even though this is an election year, we should make allowances for these extra costs. Is a tax rate reduction of 12%, which would increase townshiptaxes for the average property owner by 2.3% (an increasesimilar to that in the general cost of living) a reasonable goal?

- Michael Wise

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