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Feature Article - May 7, 2006

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Feature Article - May 7, 2006

Leaves and grass don't pass:SouthFrontenacTownship

by Wilma Kenny

An apparently low-key proposal to allow the Portland landfill site to accept leaves and grass clippings quickly turned into a heated discussion at a meeting of South Frontenac Council this week.

In making the proposal, the Portland District councilors did not plan to apply for the [$1,000] certificate of approval which would allow the organic waste to be composted, and were not prepared to accept yard waste from the other three districts.

Deputy Mayor Ron Vandewal objected to the motion’s reference to this being a district issue, saying "If we ever intend to move ahead toward amalgamation, and if this is an issue the whole council is voting on, then why are we still calling it a district issue?" He said he would support it only if the landfill were to accept yard waste from across the whole township.


Councilor Del Stowe said the proposal would place pressure on the Bedford waste site to also accept yard waste. Both he and Councilor Hahn said they would prefer that the waste be composted, and Hahn added that he felt all the township landfill sites should have the same rules across the board.

The motion was defeated in a recorded vote: Councillors Smith, Robinson, Davison and Mayor Lake voted in favour, Councillors Roos and Hahn were against, and Councillors Barr, Stowe and Deputy Mayor Vandewal abstained. [CAO Burns noted that abstentions count as negative votes.]

Other notes from South Frontenac Council

Waste Water Workshop

Council endorsed Frontenac Environmental Partnership’s upcoming local workshop on septic systems. The FEP is an umbrella group representing 25 lake associations and other groups interested in caring for the County’s natural resources. Their workshop will be at the Bedford Hall June 18, from 1:30-3:00, and is open to all who are interested. Topics will include the mechanics and maintenance of septic systems, and discussion of alternate systems such as composting toilets and grey-water disposal.

OPP Report

Two recent daylight break-ins in the Storrington area included theft of a variety of power tools, electronic equipment, DVDs, jewelry, guns, bows and ammunition. Police are looking for two suspects, a woman described as in her 40's, rough-looking, with shoulder-length blonde straggly hair and a bearded man. They are driving a small grey car, possibly a Toyota Tercel. Mid-April also saw two incidents of destructive mischief in Sydenham.

MNR Rabies Report

The MNR’s Rabies Research Unit reported that Ontario ’s programs of research and control have been so successful that broad areas of Southern Ontario are free of fox and raccoon rabies. Last year, there were only 334 cases of fox rabies, down from 1,500 annual cases prior to 1998, when control measures including trap-vaccinate-release and aerial vaccine baiting were initiated. Only one case of raccoon rabies was confirmed last year, even though there are many more in neighbouring New York State . The Ministry wishes to remind people that they are encouraged not to move or relocate raccoons, foxes or skunks.

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