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Feature Article - July 13, 2006

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Feature Article - July 13, 2006

MacDonald leaning towards running for re-election

by ChavaField-Green

Bill MacDonald, the only mayor Central Frontenac has ever had, said he is leaning towards running in this fall’s municipal election against declared candidate Janet Gutowski.

“Continuity is very important in this position.” MacDonald told the News this week. “A lack of experience on county council will not benefit the county and especially not Central Frontenac. As well, there are always things left undone at the township level, such as a much-needed upgrade to Highway 7.”

Councilor Janet Gutowski, who previously sat on council in Thorold , Ontario , has emphasized economic development during her three-year tenure on council and will bring that perspective to the mayoralty race.

Who’s In? Who’s Out? And Who Can’t Decide?


Over the past week, the News has been attempting to contact incumbent councilors in all of the townships where the paper is distributed to see what their plans are for the coming election. We also contacted other people who we were told were thinking about running. This week we will look at Addington Highlands , and North and Central Frontenac. Next week we will look at South Frontenac, where a number of candidates have already registered.

Although the candidates do not have to register until September 29th, the sooner their official papers are filed, the sooner the candidates can campaign.

“The law is that before the candidates register, they cannot make expenditures or campaign”, says Heather Fox, Clerk Administrator for Central Frontenac Township .

This might be relevant for some candidates, since a large percentage of voters in all districts are seasonal residents who are only available in the summer months.

Addington Highlands:

Reeve Ken Hook is not planning to run for re-election.

In Ward 1, Councilor and Deputy Mayor Loraine Berger is not running and Councilor Ethyl Grant is undecided.

In Ward 2 both Louise Scott and Bill Cox said they are running again, and Bill Cox said he might run for Reeve.

North Frontenac:

In North Frontenac, Ron Maguire is planning to run for re-election for Mayor, and he might be opposed by Councillor Bud Clayton, who said he is planning to run again, but has not decided if he will run for council in Ward 2 or for mayor.

In Ward 1, (Barrie), incumbents Fred Perry and Wayne Good are undecided.

In Ward 2, (Clarendon and Miller) apart from Bud Clayton, Betty Hunter is undecided

Finally, in Ward 3 (Palmerston, Canonto); Dave Smith is undecided, and long time Councillor and current Deputy Mayor Gleva Lemke said she is not planning to run at all.

Central Frontenac:

In District one, ( Kennebec ) incumbent Logan Murray is running again and Jack Nicholson is undecided. Potential newcomer, Jeff Matson, is also undecided.

District 2 (Olden) has councilor Faye Putnam undecided while Bill Guigue said he is planning to run for re-election. Potential newcomer John Purdon said he is considering running

In District 3 (Oso) both Bob Harvey and Frances Smith are running for re-election and newcomer Ed Beattie is contemplating running.

Finally District 4 (Hinchinbrooke) sees Councilor Bill Snyder undecided while Janet Gutowski will vacate her seat by running for mayor

Ann Goodfellow is running for Limestone District School Board Representative in North and Central Frontenac.

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