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Feature Article - July 13, 2006

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Feature Article - July 13, 2006

LOLCSDrivers needed

The medical transportation program of Land o’ Lakes Community Services is vital to our area. Many people have no other way of getting to necessary appointments. In the past year, 11 volunteer drivers for Land o’ Lakes Community Services drove over 60,000 km. We now have even fewer drivers. The decrease is due to a number of different factors, including retirement, moving, and some much-deserved time off for the summer. We are looking for some very committed people to continue our medical transportation program.


In particular, we need drivers to take clients to dialysis treatments in Kingston (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday). These drives require a large time commitment from the volunteer there is usually a minimum 4-hour wait while the client has her/his treatment and then there is the driving time involved. In the past, we were lucky to have one individual, Marion Sibley, who drove all three days. Marion and her husband, Pastor Bob Sibley transferred out of the area so she will no longer be available. We will miss Marion , as will the clients she was so dedicated to helping. We do not expect any volunteer driver to make the commitment of driving for all three days, but we welcome individuals who can offer some time.

We will also miss two of our regular medical drivers, Dale and Pauline Thompson. Dale and Pauline have decided to retire after driving for our program for a number of years.

The dedicated volunteer drivers we have need some backup. This is a great way to contribute to your community and to ensure everyone can access the care they need. If you have some spare time and would like to join a wonderful team of caring individuals please call Marlene @ 613-336-8934.

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