| Aug 17, 2006

Feature Article - August 17, 2006

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Feature Article - August 17, 2006

Kaladar Tent Revival Meetings

by Rev. Jean Brown


Trudy Conner of Henderson advises that her son Terry and his friend evangelist Justin Free are hosting an old fashioned tent revival series from Aug 21-28, every evening from 7:00 PM on at the Kaladar Ball Field & Community Centre. The meetings are hosted by the Justin Free Ministries, a ministry that is spanning the globe bringing the love and power and healing of God to countless numbers of people. The meetings will feature altar calls, music, prayer, challenges and lots of Christian excitement. The Praise and Worship Group from Buffalo , New York will also participate, however they will require local billeting if anyone can offer a spare room and meals. As well, 10 to 15 strong persons are required to help set up the tent that will hold 150 people. Chairs are also provided at this mammoth spiritual undertaking and persons of all faiths and denominations are welcome to attend and to have a faith lift at this exciting faith-filled venture. Skeptics and non-believers are also most welcome. For more information call 613-336-2335 (also see ad on page 12)

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