| Aug 17, 2006

Feature Article - August 17, 2006

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Feature Article - August 17, 2006

Official Plan wording makes CFCouncil nervous

by Jeff Green

Two little words, “initiate” and “will” attracted most of the commentary when planning consultant Glenn Tunnock presented the draft amendments to the township’s Official Plan, which have resulted from an Official Plan review process that has been ongoing this year.

Both of these words occur in the draft amendment in reference to lake management plans. At one point, the draft amendment states “It is the intent of Council to initiate the preparation of lake management plans in partnership with stakeholder groups”, and elsewhere the amendment states, “Lake Management Plans will be prepared as a partnership initiative with preference on lakes and rivers experiencing development pressures.”

“Initiate lake management plans?” said a surprised Mayor Bill MacDonald.


Lake management plans have become popular throughout the region in recent years. In Central Frontenac, the Kennebec Lake Association is in the midst of preparing a comprehensive plan that includes a lake capacity study, an inventory of existing development and its impact, a resource inventory, an assessment of fish habitat, and more. The Kennebec study is, in some ways, a model for the type of studies recommended by Tunnock. The township is supportive of the Kennebec plan, and when it is completed it is expected to influence council decisions on future development on or around Kennebec Lake .

The Kennebec Lake plan, however, was wholly initiated by the Kennebec Lake Association, and the township has not been asked to fund it.

“I know how valuable these plans are, but I would like to put in a word of caution. It might be more than the township can handle, both in staff time and expense, to initiate plans like this,” said MacDonald.

“I don’t think I like the word “will” in regard to lake management plans,” said Deputy Mayor Frances Smith.

“What I suggest here is that council take the bull by the horns and ensure that lake management plans are developed, because lakes and their shorelines are our major assets,” replied Glenn Tunnock.

“You have to remember that lake management plans extend out to the entire sub-watershed in the case of Kennebec Lake , that includes all of Kennebec district north of Highway 7. For Sharbot Lake it would mean about half of Oso district and a huge part of Olden as well,” MacDonald said.

“This is your document,” Tunnock concluded, “You can massage the wording.”

Other changes called for in the draft amendment include further limitations on the development of private roads, and the establishment of a septic re-inspection program in the township (septic re-inspection programs are underway in North and South Frontenac and Tay Valley Townships)

A public meeting on the document will be held on Saturday, September 23rd at the Olden Hall in Mountain Grove at 10:00 am.

The Official Plan Amendment is available online at http://www.centralfrontenac.com/yc/township/council/agenda/scan1907.pdf/view.

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