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Feature Article - September 14, 2006

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Feature Article - September 14, 2006

SouthFrontenac recycling services


I would like to comment on the 'New' recycling services being provided to the four South Frontenac Wards. Has anyone in the former Loughborough Township area (now SF) noticed the reduced recycling services now being provided to us residents under the guise of a revamped system?Residents were recently informed by mail-out that a new system would be in place for the week of September 4/06.A little history: just over a year ago before roadside pick-up started, we residents of Loughborough were able to recycle as much material as we had accumulated (albeit we had to drive to the depot) each week, every week. Then the recycling changed to roadside pick-up last year, but the frequency was reduced to every two weeks, allowing as much recycling as you had accumulated. Now, recycling pick-up has remained at two week intervals, BUT you can only recycle specific items every other week. So, to summarize, we have gone from being able to recycle every week, to being able to recycle once a month for specific items as they are only picked up every other week. This looks to me as a deterioration of services while, as usual, continuing to pay the same or an increased township property tax.

Another final point of frustration is that though we are charged for 100 garbage bag tags each year, they become invalid after the end of August. This makes residents want to use them before they lose them and this does nothing to promote recycling, or reducing the amount of garbage being put out. It's true, we all need to make wise choices in purchases, consumption and disposal but let's be treated fairly by our township. - Eldon Adams

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