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Feature Article - November 30, 2006Nicol Reconsidersn

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Feature Article - November 30, 2006

NorthFrontenac Council

by Jeff Green

Even though its authority only extends for a few more weeks, the outgoing North Frontenac councillors found themselves working hard last week at their final meeting.

Ongoing issues ranging from the Ompah helipad to the Pow Wow grounds at Pine Lake dominated the agenda during a three-hour meeting, which culminated in the mayor and the chief administrative officer extending thanks to Deputy Mayor Gleva Lemke and the three other councillors, Betty Hunter, Bud Clayton, and Dave Smith, who will be leaving council in December.

The council meeting took place less than 48 hours after a public meeting on the subject of the Ompah helipad. At that public meeting Mayor Maguire had said that the Ompah helipad will remain open for the time being, to allow for a task force to determine how to ensure its long-term viability, but that an arrangement with the Tomvale airport will be completed in order to ensure at least one night landing spot for air ambulances in the township.


Such an agreement was prepared by the township’s solicitor, but Mayor Maguire said there were a few small matters that are still outstanding, matters which could only be discussed in closed session.

The matter was thus deferred to the new council.

Small grant application approved – Roger Millar, the township’s recreation/economic development co-ordinator, reported that an application for a $25,000 grant from the Bell Sports Fund, which would have been used to upgrade the Clar-Mill ice rink, had been turned down.

The news wasn’t all bad, however, because a smaller grant for $5,000 was approved. This money will be used for maintenance, and volunteers will be completing some repairs to the facility at a work bee, with the township supplying materials.

Bins for Kashwakamak and Ompah dumps – Councillor Wayne Good relayed the concern of a constituent from Kaskwakamak Lake about the fact there is no bin for recycling cardboard at the Kash Lake waste disposal site. Public Works Manager John Ibey said that he has sourced larger bins, which will be purchased for the Mississippi and Road 506 sites, freeing up smaller bins to be moved to the Kashwakamak and Ompah sites.

Council approved the purchase of the larger bins, and when they arrive the smaller bins will be moved.

Cloyne and Ompah transfer stations – According to clerk/planner Brenda DeFosse, approval is expected shortly for the operation of transfer stations at both the Cloyne and Ompah waste sites. The public will be notified when final approval is received.

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