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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

Wilson Flood Fund

by Jule Koch Brison

The last four weeks of Janice Wilson’s life have been among the most difficult ones she has ever experienced. The same has been true for her grandsons Caleb and Justin Poirier, who live with her.

The family was made homeless on October 18, when a large beaver dam above Janice’s house in Crow Lake was breached due to the ongoing rains, sending tons of water cascading onto her house. In those terrifying moments, Janice and the boys had only seconds to grab their shoes and escape. The house was destroyed.

In addition to the shock of the disaster, Janice had to cope with the bad news that her insurance does not cover a flood that originates from outside the building, so they were not only homeless, but they would receive no compensation for the loss of their home.


As the harsh reality of these circumstances has sunk in, Janice’s deep faith has sustained her. She is grateful for her family’s safe escape and says, “I’ve felt that the Lord has been carrying me through all this.”

Janice is overwhelmed by the support she has received from everyone, especially from the people in Crow Lake village. She says that Frank Girard, the principal of Sharbot Lake Public School has been just wonderful, and she wishes to thank her family and friends, the schools, the churches, the individuals and the businesses who have been so generous in their support.

However, the family still has a long way to go. A fund has been established for Janice and the boys. It was named the Wilson Flood Fund when someone sent in a donation with that name written on the envelope. A gospel fundraising concert is being planned and any other fundraising ideas would be most welcome.

Donations can be mailed c/o the Frontenac News, P O Box 229 , Sharbot Lake ON , K0H 2P0 , or dropped off at our office, 1095 Garrett St. in Sharbot Lake . Cheques should be made out to the “Wilson Flood Fund”.

The News will be giving periodic updates on the fundraising efforts.

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