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Of Sex, Politics, Religion and....Drinking Water?

Editorial comment by Wilma Kenny

If you want to have a civilized dinner party in Sydenham these days, youd better add water to the good old list of sex, politics and religion, as topics forbidden at the table. Nothing leads to indigestion faster than the mere mention of Sydenham water. So if you arent one of those 245 village households, youre probably glad you dont live in Sydenham right now, and can be outside the controversy......and yet, hows your water supply doing?

At this weeks South Frontenac Council meeting, Councillor Smith referred to the fragility of the Harrowsmith water supply. What about Verona, Inverary, Battersea: villages with houses close to each other, also with wells and aging septic systems? Or the rural areas where its hard to get water without salt or sulphur, or a well that doesnt run dry in summer? Sooner or later, one way or another, like it or not, were all in this water business together.


Sydenham residents arent looking for a free ride. We know that if the water project goes through, well have to pay a lot from our own pockets, or sell and move. Sure, our homes may go up in value, but then so will our taxes. Most of us live in the village because its safe and affordable, not because we have a lot of cash to spare. Once the full cost of the water project is known, well all have difficult decisions to make.

South Frontenac sends out over 16,000 tax bills. An extra $12.50 per tax bill, or $25. per year would bring in $400,000 a year. If that were invested in a fund to help individuals throughout the township finance the cost of clean, adequate water, wed all benefit in the long run.

Clean, adequate and affordable water for all? Surely in Canada, of all places in the world, this should be possible.

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