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Letters March 25, 2005

Letters March 25 2005

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Re: Letter by Rev. Jean Brown - "Same sex Marriage"

I have no intention of entering the nonsense debate on the pros and cons of same sex marriage, especially with a church pastor. However, as one who was brought up with the Holy Bible as our family guide book, I am reminded of what St. Paul says in Romans I, v. 21 - 32. It is really quite clear what Paul thought--that the act of homosexuality was a sin that God looked down on with a dire warning in verse 32.

St. Paul the apostle, who gave Christ's word to us Gentiles in his letter to the Romans, condemns them for their homosexual acts--and in plain language that should not and cannot be altered.

Although the politicians say "No way", it will not be long before others whose religion allows more than one wife get into the act, pulling the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the basis for them being allowed more than one wife. Then will the government leaders have the guts to say No and invoke the Not-Withstanding Clause or will they instead capitulate as they did or will do with same-sex marriage?

The reason why Canada is a great country is because its constitution is loosely based on God's Biblical laws, as are the United States, England, and France. Let's leave the definition of marriage alone and get off the slippery slope we're about to put ourselves on.

If I were a minister of God, the words of St. Paul would be taken seriously and not ignored.

Once again, I enjoy reading every word of your great little paper. Do keep up the good journalism.

- William Deacon

Re: Mitchell Bridge

Do these people with all the cry realize the horse and buggy days are gone for good? Mr. Sherbino says there will be 150 hp boats up there. Well, they're there now, but only people with property have them to use. There is one stretch of Mitchell Creek where you couldn't run a big motor--just above the bridge.


The lakes are for everyone to use, not just the greedy. I tried to get them to raise it ten years ago, so I really hope they do it now before I die. People who do most of the hollering don't even fish or boat. As far as the loons are concerned, there are lots of them, and only one or two nest in the swamp. Mr. Sutherland wasn't concerned when he put the walk over to the island, and I couldn't even put a dock in.

It's all who you know, I guess.

- Chester CairdDay That Will Live in Infamy

March 21, 1991 is a day that will forever be infamous in Canada. On that day, the Supreme Court of Canada signed the death warrants of over a million people by deciding that unborn children are not persons. Since then, there have been over 100,000 abortions a year in Canada; 100,000 people a year that were murdered at their most defenseless stage.

How many scientists, doctors, politicians, friends have been exterminated? Perhaps one of them would have found the cure for cancer. Or maybe brought peace to the Middle East. We will never know.

But we can do something about it. We can help this holocaust to end. If each of us can change the heart of just one woman contemplating abortion, change the heart of one politician who supports abortion, we will be well on our way to ensuring the survival of the human race. Society is counting on us. The unborn children are counting on us. Let's not let them down.

Luke Procter

A more important issue than same-sex marriage

Reading the responses to Jean Brown's letter regarding same sex marriage has been interesting. It seems that the lessons intended by the biblical authors have been blurred at some point. Otherwise, there would be no debate.

However, there is a much more important issue at stake today in our society, one that outweighs same-sex marriage. It is the holocaust of abortion. And there is an undebatable biblical reference: "Thou shalt not kill." Let's start living what the Bible concretely teaches, then worry about the debatable parts. Ensure people will live past conception; otherwise, there's no point in debating same-sex marriage (or anything else for that matter), as there won't be a future generation to live with the outcome.

- Luke ProcterRe: "ATV Costs to Taxpayers?" March 17/05

It seems to me that South Frontenac council would want to know whether there would be any increased costs to taxpayers if ATVs are allowed on township roads. If there would be none, those residents not convinced that ATVs on their roads are such a good idea might feel better about having the bylaw passed. Those in favour would not have to worry about imposing a financial burden on the entire township. If in fact there would be significant costs, we should all know about it in advance. I feel it is irresponsible to

vote on any measure, no matter how popular, without

knowing what it is going to cost.

Wolfe Erlichman,

Re: Same sex marriage and modern Biblical scholarship.

In response to Reverend Jean Brown's letter, March 3, 2005, I would like to bring to your attention some references from the Bible about items

mentioned in her letter.

The first item from Rev. Jean Brown's letter is "modern Biblical scholarship". Turn in your Bible to II Timothy 4 and read verses 3 and 4. Now, is modern Biblical scholarship what II Timothy 4: 3, and 4 refer to?

Rev. Jean Brown also states that homosexuality or same-sex sexual acts are not mentioned. Turn in your Bible to Romans I, and read verses 22 to 32.

- Paul Liedtke

Open letter to Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Northern Development and Mines:

Last fall, I purchased a 12.9 acres piece of land in Tay Valley Township. There has been a mining claim on this property for 19 years. After the transfer of land to my name, I returned to find a changed landscape that resembled another planet: deep trenches that had not been backfilled were left on the property. As I crested the first hill, below me was a moonscape. The first words out of my mouth were, Houston, we have a problem.

I called the Sudbury office of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) and was told that this was what happened when a company explored for minerals, even when the land belongs to someone. When I expressed concern that these trenches created a serious safety hazard, especially for children, and that I intended to backfill, I was told that the mining company could sue me. I am left wondering how MNDM operates for the benefit of Ontario if it encourages this type of practice.

When I suggested an inspection of the property, an employee of MNDM told me that Ontario is a big place. I dont know a lot about the Mining Act and your Ministry but I want a common sense answer. If you are in the business of handing out mining claims on private property, is it not your responsibility to make sure that public safety is the first consideration?

I understand that mining brings benefits through employment and providing raw materials for the products we use every day. Perhaps you can explain to me how digging trenches for almost 20 years contributes to the citizens of Ontario. I am a contractor and I know if I dragged a job on for that long, I would look like an idiot, an unemployed idiot. How many more years will you give people the right to come on my property without notice and dig trenches? At some point, I would like to have the right to enjoy the property that I purchased and pay taxes on.

You might well know that the perception is that exploration for minerals doesnt belong on private property. If my situation is an indication of how things operate, I have to agree. Many people believe that the Mining Act is so slanted that the landowners has no right to refuse clear cutting of trees, trenching, drilling and blasting. I would have to add - not to expect the areas to be cleaned up unless you raise a fuss. I have been told not to expect to be notified in the future when someone comes on my property to dig holes with heavy equipment. Does it make sense that this happens and they dont have to clean up the mess? I know what would happen to me if I left a job site in that state.

I believe that good government is fair to all residents and values life ahead of everything else. I trust that you will take a bit of your time to look at what is happening in my corner of Ontario. I suppose the Minister of Northern Development and Mines doesnt need permission to come on my property but I extend an invitation to you and would appreciate knowing when you are coming.


Marty Cadieux


On Sunday, March 20, sometime between 10:30 am and noon someone dumped a load of trash on Kennebec Road. Not knowing who it was, I can only say that the person responsible is ignorant and arrogant, and has no concern for other people's property nor our forests and wild life.

For some months now someone has been dumping old tires and bags of trash in the area of Henderson and Kennebec Roads. The latest pile of trash consists of an old pink mattress, two steel bed springs, some unused carpet underlay, pink carpet remnants, empty paint cans, an old automatic bread maker, some smashed up drywall and other miscellaneous items. Surely someone knows who this is and will have the courage to identify the responsible individual to the OPP.

Those of us who live on Kennebec Road take pride in our surroundings and the natural habitant. It's bad enough to have to pick up bottles, cans, paper coffee cups, food

wrappers, etc., thrown out of passing vehicles without having someone dump their personal trash just because it's convenient for them.

J. G. Alexander

Marriage: the most important societal institution

I would like to express my views that marriage should be protected and remain as "the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others".

Marriage is of critical importance to our society. It is perhaps the most important societal institution we have because it provides for the upbringing of children and is a foundation for strong, healthy families. Marriage ensures that children have the best chance to have both a mom and a dad in their lives. Marriage also ensures the continuation of society and provides family stability for future generations. Marriage between a man and woman is a unique relationship that simply cannot be replicated by any other relationship.

I am writing to respectfully request that you do everything possible to ensure that marriage is upheld as the union of one man and one woman. I look forward to your response and actions on behalf of marriage.

- Garnet and Lois Carswell

The Bible is the holy inspired Word of God

As a Bible believing Soldier of the Salvation Army, I believe that the Holy Bible is the Holy inspired Word of God. It is not to be interpreted for your own convenience. Lev. 20: 13 reads: If a man lies with man as with a woman they have both committed an abomination. Taking one verse out of a chapter of the Bible is misleading for this chapter also says: A man must not lie with his father's wife, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and beasts. Jesus spoke against adultery and just because it is acceptable today doesn't make it right in God's eyes, along with murder, pornography, stealing, abortion, etc. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes, Jesus did teach love and acceptance of all but he despises sin. He taught against the breaking of His Father's laws and commandments. Matt 15: 17-20, he never condoned sin.

The Salvation Army teaches love and acceptance of

anyone but we love the sinner, not the sin, just as Jesus taught. So many times, as with the woman caught in adultery, he didn't condemn her but told

her, "Sin no more." If you believe that whatever anyone does is O.K. as long as you love them, you miss the reason for Jesus' life, suffering, death, and resurrection. He taught total repentance of sin. Forgiveness of sins before you can enter the Kingdom of God. What is the point of Good Friday if Jesus

only died for some of our sins? (Definition of sin: The breaking of a religious law or moral principle especially through a willful act.) It concerns me that a pastor of the Church of God condones sin and approves of it in this way. Have you ever read James 3:1 - "Not many of you should presume to be teachers, because you know, that we who teach will be judged more strictly." You can call the joining of two people of the same sex in a relationship anything you want but it will never be Holy matrimony in the sight of God.

Mollie Wilson

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