| Apr 28, 2005

Feature article,April 28, 2005

Feature articleApril 28, 2005

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Once Upon A Lily Pad wows LPS

by Inie Platenius

Nothing can tug on your heartstrings like the singing and dancing of young people, and when the performances are as well-rehearsed and directed as Loughborough Public Schools Once Upon a Lily Pad, then your heart is sure to well up to spilling over. LPS primary and junior students, under the gentle hand of Mrs. MacDonald, put on a delightful show about a young frog trying to find his true self. Hes helped in his quest by flocks of egrets, herds of turtles and alligators, swarms of snakes and fireflies each of whom have a musical number and some delightful choreography.


Its a treat to see a school show that isnt overproduced. All the focus was on the kids, and not on technical geegaws that often get in the way of student performances. The grade 8 students who ran the simple sound and light set-up did a terrific job, allowing us to pay attention to the delightfully exuberant kids on stage. Costuming for nearly 60 must have been a challenge, but the end result was a well-integrated mix of beautifully sewn egret costumes, ballet tutus, and a variety of common items pressed into service. Its great to see sweat pants and ball caps adapted so well that you have to really look to notice them in the costume design.

True to the spirit of class productions, there were very few individual roles. All of them were great. Ian Abernathy played his large role as Freddie the Frog with just the right combination of assurance and humility, and Richelle Grant and Kristian Bernt opened the show with strength and humour. But truly, it was the ensemble who stole our hearts - all the egrets soaring, turtles shedding their shells, snakes hissing and rolling, alligators dancing, and little fireflies with tiny real flashlights under their tutus illustrated the very best of what a school show should be togetherness in every way.

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