| Apr 07, 2005

Letters ,April 7, 2005

Letters April 7, 2005

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Hi, boys and girls,

To use an old cliche, GROW UP. If I can't believe all the news you print, then why should I believe any? "Just the facts, ma'am".

Yours truly - no kidding, really,

Yours sincerely No, maybe I didn't mean that.

- Bruce Cooper

April Fools

Just went through the Frontenac News and was a bit disappointed that nothing had been put in for April Fool's Day. Then I read the editorial page "Once more into the breach". So again I read each and every article. You guys are good! I really had a difficult time picking out the flukes! But here are my guesses:

"Frontenac News Consulting"; The great race #9 coming to the Land O' Lakes"; "Kids find a big surprise in Beaver Lodge". These are all great stories and if the first one is a hoax ~ too bad ~ The News could use the revenue for sure!

- Carole Cannon

Re: Maps a go in NF


After reading the article in the March 31 issue Maps a go in North Frontenac, I decided to air my views on the subject of promoting campsites in North Frontenac. First let me give you a bit of background.

I grew up in the village of Plevna and for many years my dad and mom trekked my two sisters and me, along with any other family members who were willing to go, to the Schooner Lake area for a day of fishing and a shore dinner. After I became older, I went with my friends on camping expeditions to the islands. I love that area and after moving from Plevna, my own children and grandchildren continue to go each year for four or five day campouts. We always look forward to it each year.

My point is that, yes, the campsites are one of the best-kept secrets in North Frontenac, but we would rather have it that way. Keep in mind that these are sites that are not large areas, and many of them on islands. They do not have state-of-the-art toilet facilities and in many cases (at least on Schooner Lake) there isnt even a picnic table. My family and I like it that way.

We have always been campers, and we often use provincial and private parks. We dont mind paying for the services that we receive in those parks. If the Township of North Frontenac is planning to advertise the fact that they are in the camping business to the whole of Eastern Ontario, then they had better be prepared to offer some services for the price they are charging for these sites.

Dont get me wrong, I think charging is a good business policy, but when in business you must offer something in return for the money and frankly an outhouse that falls over when you sit on it is not quite enough. The fact that the Crown Land Stewardship program, which started in 1997, has not been revenue neutral yet is astonishing to me. However, like all other government programs, Im probably not aware of all the underlying costs, but I do know from experience that the revenue is not going back into the maintenance of the sites. After having said all this, we will be back again this summer for our annual trek to the Schooner Lake area. (Gods Country) and we sincerely hope that it is still a peaceful, quiet area in which to camp and fish.

- Sharon Menard-Kring,

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