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Letters, May 19, 2005

Letters May 19, 2005

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Re: Mitchell Creek Bridge (excerpted from a submission by Sheila Ritter, the operator of Land O Lakes Canoeing and Kayaking, as a public comment on the Mitchell Creek Bridge project)

I am an organizational member of the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (ORCA). I frequently provide paddling instruction and an interpretive guiding service to paddling clients, promoting knowledgeable and safe recreational paddling, along with an enhanced awareness for the natural environment. For several years, I have used the public access on Mitchell Creek adjacent to the bridge as a put in point, and have educated many people and promoted Frontenac Provincial Park, along whose boundary Mitchell Creek flows to Birch Lake.

I do not profess to be an expert on wildlife habitat, but I am a professional landscape designer and an interpretive naturalist. I have observed first-hand that Mitchell Creek supports a variety of wildlife, which, of course, is a major reason that I lead guided interpretive paddling tours along its length. It is relatively sheltered from wind and wave effects, making it a superior paddling environment, especially for novices. It is abundantly clear that my clientele will not be interested in the Mitchell Creek/Frontenac Provincial Park boundary tour if the setting becomes noisy and crowded, with no wildlife to see or hear.


Currently, the numbers, size and variety of motorized watercraft entering Mitchell Creek from Desert Lake are minimized by the bridge height, as well as by inherent creek features which include shallow water depth, rocks, deadfall and submerged roots. In my opinion, increased motorized watercraft traffic on Mitchell Creek would constitute a safety hazard for both paddling individuals and groups, and create incompatibility issues; it would destroy the serenity; contribute to shoreline erosion through repetitive wake action, and it would be invasive on wildlife habitat.

More specifically, in my opinion, encouragement of personal watercraft (jet skis) would be of particular concern, since, based on past experience as both an operator and spectator, this type of motorized watercraft represents a significant threat to the naturally peaceful environment. This rationale is evidenced by four main factors: personal watercraft are noisy; they produce noxious fumes, they are typically operated at high speeds and create significant wakes; and they are highly manoeuvrable and have low water displacement. This allows them to travel near shorelines, which are nesting areas for fish and birds, and active areas for amphibians and mammals.

As a Township of South Frontenac taxpayer, I urge the council to consider the most cost effective alternative, which will provide the best solution.

Based on the foregoing observations and comments, I would like to recommend that, in the final bridge solution, the bridge height should not be increased. I would also like to recommend that the final solution for the bridge repair include provisions for reasonable public access to Mitchell Creek to permit continued launching of canoes and kayaks.

Sheila Ritter Land o Lakes Canoeing & Kayaking

Clean up efforts

Thanks to the efforts of the Sharbot Lake Bridge Group, the Sharbot Lake & District Lions, and the Mishigama Anishinabe Algonquin First Nation of Sharbot Lake, the Springtime litter cleanup of Rd.#38 from Ducharme Rd. to Hwy.#7 has been completed.

In a perfect world inhabited by perfect people these volunteers would find, when the time for the fall cleanup rolled around, that there would be no garbage on the road for them to pick up. We all know of course that it's not a perfect world. But how about we all strive ourselves to be perfect in our effort to keep our roads free of litter. Let's resist that urge to roll down the car window and just toss the trash out. Let's cover up our garbage in our truck or trailer on the way to the dump, so it doesn't end up all over the road. Let's surprise the folks who have taken on Rd.#38 as part of the Adopt a Highway Program so they'll find themselves with little or no work to do when the fall cleanup time arrives. I'll bet they can find something else somewhat more enjoyable to do with their time.

Hey, Folks: It's where we live; it's our area to be proud of; it's our responsibility.

B. Slavin

Reply re luminarias and trees On behalf of the Central Frontenac Economic Development Committee, I would like to thank Dave and Cathy Saban of the Sharbot Lake Country Inn for their feedback to an idea presented in a newsletter that was distributed at Business Over Breakfast in March.

The points they have raised are completely valid and do support the reasons why the Luminarias and Festival of Trees should not and cannot be combined.

I would also like to add our thanks and congratulations to them for the wonderful job they have done in creating and fostering the growth of this event. I offer our apologies if our suggestion has caused you any concern.

- Janet Gutowski Chair Central Frontenac Economic Development Committee

Re: Good Samaritan Rick Steele

I read the front page of the Whig Standard with interest and then dismay on how our Good Samaritan "Rick Steele" has been charged by our township with leaving trash on the doorstep of our municipal office as he did not comply with "township" policies.

How ludicrous are we becoming? This man has done us a favour by picking up roadside trash, an all too common sight, and he is charged because he left the office after waiting five minutes for instructions and was not able to stay any longer. First of all, he had tried to dispose of this at the dumpsite but was told he needed the required tags or equivalent cash before they would accept it. If our policy is clearly outlined, why are these forms not readily available at the front counter? Mr. Steele was not even informed about this policy while waiting. Was it too much for our Roads Dept to take this trash to the disposal site without going to these extremes? What a surprise, getting home and receiving a message that you have been charged for illegal dumping; rather than an appreciative "Thank you"!

Is it not time to realize our error and have these charges dismissed?

It seems that there are a few disturbing issues that have happened since amalgamation; the first being the notice given to Peter Desroche that his services were no longer required and that it was cheaper to tender out the work he did rather than keeping him on as a full time employee. Have we really benefited from his departure? Look around and compare his work to what is being done now. Strange how such a loyal employee that was willing to work at any hour becomes the fall guy.

Secondly, there was a job posting for a part-time inside office worker where a former municipal employee with superior qualifications had applied and was not even given the benefit of an interview! Instead the position was offered to someone with no experience in this field. Sometimes we do have to wonder where common sense prevailed.

I'm sure there are many other "irking" issues out there and it's not any easy position to be in. I know first hand - I worked behind that counter for eight years; but we still do have to question our motives and subsequent actions!

Dawn Gillam

Martins Responsibility Canadians may well be lazy when it comes to politics, but we surely can no longer put up with a prime minister who virtually admits to corruption and incompetence but refuses to do the only honourable thing - that is, go to the people and let the voters decide which party they wish to run the country.

Paul Martin was number two in the previous Liberal government, and their number one minister in Quebec, and he either knew about the corruption in the Sponsorship Programs and turned a blind eye, or he didnt know and is therefore completely incompetent. The Liberals denial of responsibility for the corruption in the Sponsorship programs has led to a serious increase in support for separatism in Quebec.

Instead of accepting responsibility for alienating the Quebecers, Paul Martin is now trying to shift focus by insinuating that the Conservatives and the Bloc are in bed together. Let us remember who has really been in bed with the Bloc and the PQ. Paul Martins chief Quebec point man in Quebec is a co-founder of the PQ, and a number of PQers were recruited by the Liberals to run in the last election.

Paul Martin should call an election immediately because his current tactic of trying to shift focus and responsibility for the Sponsorship Scandal is further alienating Quebecers (and most of the rest of us as well). By clinging to power at whatever cost to the nation, he has proved himself unfit for leadership.

- Todd Steele, Tamworth

Re: Natonal War Museum

As a proud Canadian, born in Holland, and a survivor of WWII, I thank our veterans who once again were honoured in the country of my birth. As a teenager sixty years ago, I remember them dropping food in the Hunger Winter (44/45) when more than 22,000 of us died of cold and starvation, sharing their army rations with us, liberating us from five years of Nazi brutality.

Seventy six hundred Canadian soldiers are buried in Holland. I saw on TV how Dutch school children place a bouquet of daffodils on each grave, and every Christmas a candle is lit at each grave. We are deeply indebted to our Veterans. Tonight on the news I saw Princess Margriet from Holland who came to Canada to honour the veterans, who, because of age, can no longer make the journey to Holland. All we seem able to do is hang a huge painting of some criminals in Somalia, in our just-opened War Museum! What a despicable act! What a stain on the honour of our brave men who didnt come back, and on our veterans still with us. We should be honouring them here as in Holland. That painting is tantamount spitting on their graves! These criminals do NOT represent the brave men and women who wear our countrys uniform. I was looking forward to visiting our new Canadian War Museum, but now I cannot, for my blood pressure would go through the roof and I would become physically ill. Laura Brandon, please do the right thing and remove that painting! Criminals do not belong in any museum.

- Harry Andringa, Flinton

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