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Feature article, June 16, 2005

Feature article June 16, 2005

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Re: Tom McCabe

There are many reasons to feel sympathy for someone: death in the family, loss of income, a natural disaster damaging/destroying a home etc, but the situation Tom McCabe finds himself in is of his own choosing. All of us at Sunday Lake choose to live here despite or because of the Registered Covenant we are required to sign at the time of purchase. This covenant is registered with the township and makes up part of ones deed. It states, among other things, that "no private residence shall be constructed on the subject lands having a floor area of less than 750 square feet and no building or structure shall be erected or moved onto the subject lands without the plans therefore being first submitted to and approved in writing by Sunday Lake Resort Corporation." "No trailer, van, recreational vehicle or tent shall be used or permitted to be on the said lands for a period in excess of two weeks without the written permission of Sunday Lake Resort Corporation."


Tom signed this covenant but his decision was to ignore it, completely. In fact at one time he had a sign requesting signatures on a petition opposing the bylaws. He is currently living in the back of his van with two sons.

Wouldn't life be grand if at any time that "things got rough" one decided to: not work, home school, not accept responsibility for ones actions and just allow society to pay the bill.

The consequences of his actions should garner no sympathy.

M. Wade Sunday Lake

Re Sydenham Water system

Last night I attended a South Frontenac Township Council meeting. I went because I knew there would be a presentation by the Sydenham Safe Water Association and I have a lot of concerns about my part in this new municipal water system. I wanted to know my costs, not just the estimates of the frontage costs, but also the cost of bringing it into my house and if I do have to cap my well. I also wanted to know when construction would begin on my road and when the construction company was going to come and give me an estimate of the hookup. I was hoping to hear about which people would be exempt from hooking up. I had questions about financing and the strange letter sent to my home asking me to commit to a loan agreement before I even know the cost. I have no idea if I should sign or not.

These are questions a lot of people are asking. Some residents have only just now figured out the water system is going to happen and they are scared. These are the people the Township Council is supposed to keep informed. Mr. Lamb from the SSWA requested that there be a public meeting to help ease the worries of the people of Sydenham. I heartily agree. There needs to be a way for people to ask questions. Or for those us less likely to stand up and face the Council, a way to learn what is going on through the questions of other people.

I dont think its too much to ask of Council, when they are forcing us to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for water we dont want. I dont think its too much to ask for them to take a hour or two of their time to help settle the worries of so many of the people theyre supposed to represent.

Mr. Mayor, have a public meeting. And I dont mean another open house where there isnt the same exchange of information or public explanation of important details. In this so-called democracy we should not have to come begging for information we ought to have had from the start.

Carol Forde

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