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Feature Article - September 1, 2005

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Feature Article

September 1, 2005

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Ardoch Algonquin First Nation Pow Wow - 2005

The Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, under honourary chief Harold Perry, invites all people and nations to attend its 2nd Annual Pow Wow and gathering of families at the Clar-Mill Hall and grounds in Plevna this Saturday and Sunday.

The theme for this year’s Pow Wow is “honouring leadership”. On Saturday, September 3 at 1:30 pm, the Pow Wow grand entry will take place. The host drum will be the OPP drum and singers (Zhowski Miingan) and guest drum will be the Pikwakanagan Drum of Golden Lake. Head dancers for the weekend will be Glen Marsden and Paula Sherman. Vendors and displays will be available throughout the weekend, and a BBQ will be ongoing.

An Algonquin history workshop will be set up in the Hall.


On Saturday evening, at 9:00, an all-ages, alcohol-free dance will take place in the Hall with Disc Jockey Pete Vance.

Last year the first annual Pow Wow coincided with the unveiling of a plaque commemorating a coming together of the native and settler community to save the wild rice stand at Mud Lake, Ardoch. The second annual Pow Wow carries on that tradition, welcoming members of the diverse communities of North Frontenac and beyond to share in a celebration of Algonquin Culture.

The Pow Wow starts at 1:30 on Saturday and 1 pm on Sunday. It is a free event. Donations to help cover costs will be gratefully accepted. For information, call 268-2688.

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