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Feature Article - December 1, 2005

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Feature Article

December 1, 2005

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Letters to the Editor

Where Is Christmas Going? As we met today we couldn't help but be saddened by the morning news that the Government of Canada has declared that all government personnel are to refrain from the use of "Merry Christmas" and substitute instead "Happy Holidays". Is George Orwell's "1984" finally coming true?

We find ourselves expected to understand and accept the traditions and religious beliefs of others and feel we would like the same consideration!

If you are also concerned about this issue, please write to the Governor General.

Merry CHRISTMAS to all!

- The Harlowe United Church Women

North Frontenac ServiceReport Card


Township councillors tell us it works this way: They set the amount of taxes we have to pay, we pay those taxes, they take a salary, hold meetings and see that we are provided the services. It seems to me that the process works up to the point of providing service.

Here's an example: One of my elected members pointed out how nice council had treated me in approving two severances and the purchase of a right of way on my behalf. This so-called township service took four months to complete after my paper work was submitted and cost me almost $3,000 in township fees. (That's above the $2,000 taxes I pay for what?)

Here's your service report card: The Ompah dump is closed. Two days a week the township office is closed and staff is not allowed to answer the phone, so the clerks “can get their work done”. Township administration (not the fire chief) fired our best firefighter. There's that whisper about closing our community centres. Our community volunteers cannot spend their own volunteer funds without council's interference, delay and final consent. The nonsense over the new fire hall at Plevna is disgraceful and, unfortunately, it’s the firefighters and thus our citizens who will pay for that blunder. Today's first snowfall sees no plows, no sand and shamefully unsafe roads at 1:30 P.M.

Look around us: Volunteers are losing interest, businesses are dying, permanent residences are simply laughed at and this township council says, “Pay your taxes and we'll provide the services.”

Apart from 'witching graves', can anyone tell us what those township services are again? J.G. at the News goes to all the meetings; perhaps he knows. Is there a single citizen in North Frontenac who can list even one positive thing that the township does for us aside from collecting the taxes?

- Leo Ladouceur

Re:"Any Sightings of Scott Reid?"I have just read an article in the Frontenac News by Jeff Green entitled "Any Sightings of Scott Reid?" and I would like to draw the newspaper’s attention to a couple of errors in the article.

Green says that "Scott Reid inherited (this riding)...". In fact, Scott won the Federal Election in the newly formed riding of Lanark Frontenac Lennox & Addington against another sitting MP, and he won by an impressive 10,000 votes.

Later, Green states that "...Scott Reid remains a Carleton Place-based politician, and he holds a secure Conservative seat". Far from being a Carleton Place-based politician, Scott has offices in Napanee, Carleton Place and, of course, in Ottawa. Moreover, while half of this new riding was Conservative before the last Election,the other half wasLiberal. If the seat is now securely Conservative, then the cause is Scott Reid’s performance as MP throughout this riding.

- Jim Spencer

Re:"Any Scott Reid Sightings?"In reply to the above query, I know that Scott Reid attends a great many of the local events in this Riding, and he does a great deal more as well. His involvement goes way beyond mere photo opportunities at events and activities. His representation of his constituents through such things as constituency referenda, his Buy Canadian Beef program, his opening of a second office in Napanee, and other similar initiatives are concrete examples of the positive influence Scott Reid has throughout this Riding. We are fortunate he represents us. - Simon Spanchak

Re:Scott Who?Oh yeah, the Reform Member from Lanark. Aside from "Info Bulletin", and "News Update", you wouldn't really know if the guy actually exists. And just for the heck of it, I clipped out and sent the "Yes, I would like to receive updates..." Nothing, maybe he's thinking "the less they see or hear of me the better". After all, his executive resigned en masse about this time last year in response to his "authoritarian" style. And didn't Reid get Stephen Harper to kick a chair at their Montreal convention?

Maybe his former executive members know something about Scott that we don't.

- John McEwen

Re:"Any Scott Reid Sightings?" - Scott Reid Replies

I was a bit surprised by last week’s editorial, which stated that I haven’t been visible in this part of the riding since the election a year and a half ago. In order to set the record straight, I thought I’d list off some of the events that I’ve attended, and groups that I’ve visited, since the last election. In the interest of saving space, I’ve included only items from Frontenac County:

audio-visual presentation of MP office services to Central Frontenac Township Council;

audio-visual presentation of MP office services to South Frontenac Township Council;

Sheep Marketing Agency annual banquet, Sydenham;

St. John’s Church 110th Anniversary service, Ardoch;

Pumpkin Festival, Battersea;

Santa Claus Parade, Sharbot Lake;

flag-laying ceremony on the graves of veterans, Sydenham;

Santa Claus Parade, Parham & Tichborne;

Frontenac Ploughing Match, Hartington;

Parham Fair;

“Feast of the Fields”, Elginburgh;

Frontenac Farmers’ Market, Verona;

meeting with Mitchell Creek residents regarding the bridge, Loughborough;

meeting with local residents regarding the water, Sydenham.

Travelling around the riding and meeting constituents at events like these is probably the part of being an MP that I enjoy the most, and I hope to keep on doing so after the coming election.

- Scott Reid, MP

Re:"Any Scott Reid Sightings?"

Unfortunately Mr. Green doesn’t seem to be aware of the full schedule of events and activities that Scott Reid has been involved in as our Member of Parliament for Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington (a job he won with a whopping 10,000 majority over another sitting MP).

However, Mr. Reid’s involvement does not stop at attending events and activities. He has developed a number of vital area projects above and beyond the normal scope of a federal representative. For example, Scott created and guides the "Buy Canadian Beef" campaign in support of the beef farmers in this riding, and by extension, for all beef farmers across Canada.

Scott has also initiated a number of constituency referenda on critical items. When a salary increase was voted into being for all MP’s, Scott went to his constituents and asked them if he should keep it, reject it, or use it for a worthwhile cause. The result is a major program for students to learn the life-saving skills of CPR, and to provide defibrillators for rural fire stations and police vehicles.

Most recently Scott conducted a referendum on same-sex marriage. He wanted to know how his constituents wanted him to vote on the issue, and he voted accordingly. This is the Scott Reid way - he believes he is our Member of Parliament to represent us, the voters - not to tow the party line.

So yes, there are lots of "Sightings" of Scott Reid, and there are many more as well.

- Evan Crandall

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