Wilma Kenny | Feb 17, 2021

A Sydenham Creek Bridge Again?

Councillor Sutherland reported he has heard a lot of complaints about snowmobiles using Sydenham sidewalks. They intimidate pedestrians, and are destructive of the concrete. Most times, the snowmobiles are travelling between the trail and the gas station. “Why not consider a bridge across the creek from the trail to the village, now that the township owns the land along the far side of the creek?” he asked.

Up until recently, there has always been a bridge across Sydenham creek, providing a handy shortcut for residents on Portland Street. For countless years, it was maintained by local residents. Lyle Abrams was one of the last to organize the volunteer work crews, and after he left, the bridge eventually disintegrated.

Proposed Zoning bylaw Amendments

Senior Planner Christine Woods brought a report from Development Services of proposed amendments to the Township’s Zoning By-law. Often referred to as ‘housekeeping items’, these items were identified through discussions with landowners, as well as through the review of Planning Act applications and building permit applications.

To reflect current provincial policy, items that are general and technical in nature could be addressed through one amendment. These include: zoning that reflects the current public road winter maintenance program; site-specific zone errors, minimum distance separation in rural areas, and removing group homes from the Community Facility Zone. (Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, group homes are considered residential dwellings, and and zoning bylaws cannot subject people who live in them to higher levels of scrutiny and expectations than are applied to other forms of residential housing.

Other items requiring more detailed review and public consultation would be addressed through separate amendments. These include: legal cannabis production, accessory buildings in the front yard, definitions that need revision or addition, and removing accessory buildings as a permitted use in industrial zones. (Existing accessory dwellings would become legal non-conforming uses)

The proposed amendments are expected to clarify by-law requirements for staff and applicants, result in fewer Planning Act applications, and streamline the development approval process.They will be advertised on the Township website and in the Frontenac News, and notices will be sent to owners of properties that would be rezoned as a result.

CAO Priorities for 2021

Some of the highlights of CAO Neil Carbone’s priorities in this coming year include: a master plan for seniors’ affordable housing in Verona; a climate change strategy; consultations for the Township’s Official Plan; beginning construction of the new fire hall in Battersea; completion of the Recreation Master Plan, and approval and roll-out of a Covid relief program.

TWP Offices Reopen

With South Frontenac moving into the Green zone, the Township offices in Sydenham and Keeley Road will reopen on Tuesday Feb 16. However, residents are encouraged to continue to use website, telephone or e-mail contact wherever possible. Covid-related precautions will remain: masks, social distancing, etc: please refer to the Township website for details: www.southfrontenac.net.

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