| Mar 06, 2019

South Frontenac Council held one of the shortest meetings on record Tuesday night, clocking in at 14 minutes.

The proceedings consisted of extending a contract to transport household hazardous waste, notices of motion from Coun. Ross Sutherland and Norm Roberts as well as receiving minutes from various committee meetings.

The longest time slot was given over to Coun. Doug Morey, who relayed a letter from the Museum Board who relayed a request for artifacts for this summer’s displays.

The museum is looking for artifacts (either donation or loan) from Storrington, Loughborough and Bedford as well as photographs (which will be reproduced for slide shows to recycle on computer monitors in the background.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

An old wood stove, ideally from the period of late 1890s-1930, at least it should look that vintage

A blanket box or hope chest

An old kitchen table or Hoosier

A 5-gallon milk can

Medical devices, surgical instruments, old bandages, old medicine bottles

Other items related to nursing in the years of 1900 through 1930

WWI military uniforms or parts of uniforms, packs, belts, etc

Pictures documents and other artifacts related to the men of the 148th Battalion in WWI

Items that people at home used to support the war effort in WWI.

In terms of photographs (which will be returned), they are looking for photos from the period of 1900 through 1930 from throughout the Township of:

People at home, in the fields, with horses, vehicles or equipment

Period shots of buildings, houses, barns

Local soldiers in WWI uniforms, at home or overseas

Any old photos really, that can help people relate to our history.


• • •

CAO Wayne Orr reports that Coun. Pat Barr’s hip surgery last week went well.

“She’s not here tonight, she’s at a square dance,” quipped Mayor Ron Vandewal.

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