| Jan 30, 2019

For about 10 years now, Trinity United Church in Verona has been holding “wake-up” breakfasts on Saturday mornings in January and last Saturday was no exception.

“This is our third this year and the last will be Feb. 2,” said Anne McDougall, one of the organizers along with Don Coleman and Andy Adamson. “It’s always in January.

“It’s something to get the community together when the weather is crappy.”

For the past three years, the Trinity group has got together with the Verona Community Association to serve up the pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and toast.

“A lot of our church people have moved into Kingston for various reasons,” McDougall said.

“And the VCA helps bring in other community people we wouldn’t otherwise get,” said Coleman.

The breakfast is a fundraiser for the church and the VCA’s various activities sure, but there’s another important aspect to it.

“It’s social,” said McDougall. “People come at 8:30 a.m. and many don’t leave until 11.”

“Most of the tables are already folded up when the last ones leave,” said Coleman.

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