| Dec 19, 2018

The meeting began with Deputy Mayor Sleeth being sworn in.

Ad Bag Delivery Contributing to Roadside Littering

Last meeting, Mayor Vandewal gave notice of a motion that ad bags should not be permitted to be tossed along the roadsides. This was brought to Council in the form of a recommendation that staff be directed to review the regulations with regard to ad bag delivery, along with options for restricting the practice of them being thrown alongside roads in South Frontenac. All agreed.

Hartington Well Testing

In 2017, a motion was made recommending the Township cover the cost of testing the well water twice annually for residences within 300 metres of the former gas station in Hartington, but was deferred until legal proceedings were finalized at the OMB. Councillor Revill asked for deferral until new well tests as recommended earlier, were carried out. Council agreed.

Hartington Community Association Expenses Request

Hartington Community Association had requested reimbursement of $28,792 for costs incurred in their unsuccessful appeal to the OMB, attempting to reverse an application approval for a 13 unit subdivision in the hamlet. Councillor Sutherland said that although he was sympathetic to the HCA, he felt this “would undercut the democratic process if (the Township taxpayers paid for both sides.)” Deputy Mayor Sleeth said, “I don’t generally agree (with Councillor Sutherland), but I think it’s time to move forward. Leonard, Barr and Revill agreed, saying this would set a bad precedent. Roberts asked for a recorded vote: the motion to reimburse was unanimously defeated.

Compressor and Pagers for Fire Department

Council approved the immediate purchase of a mobile air compressor unit ($32,950) and 49 pagers ($31,360) for the South Frontenac Fire Service, as recommended by Fire Chief Knott. CAO Orr said that the compressor would be funded from the 25-year capital replacement fund, and the pagers will come out of the working fund. 25 of the pagers are for the projected new recruits, and the rest will be distributed as badly-needed reserve equipment.

Committee of Adjustment

Council debated the composition of the 8-member Committee of Adjustment, which is a delegated and independent approval authority for minor variances and land severances/consent. The CofA may be made up of all community members, all Council members, or a combination. Surrounding municipalities, with the exception of Frontenac Islands, Central Frontenac and Loyalist, which are all Councillors, are all-citizen committees. South Frontenac, with the exception of Councillor Sutherland (who wanted an all-citizen group), agreed to continue the practise of 4 Councillors and 4 community members.

Next Council Meeting

Tuesday January 8

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