| Dec 19, 2018

The underlying seriousness of this event necessitated the addition of a third judge this year. They were impressed with the overall effort and creativity which had definitely been ramped up from last year’s excellent productions! One thing the judges could not help noticing throughout was a lot more candy, though they were careful to avoid any nibbling, which could so easily have been misconstrued as accepting bribes.

They were firmly directed to rank the three entries:

FIRST: Building and Planning

Excellent first impressions for customer entryway, all decorations with building and planning themes: even the presents under the tree were wrapped in planning maps; bright-coloured carpentry tools were on the tree and in the stockings

Everything that could be decorated, was: Department Director charmingly fitted out with reindeer glasses and red nose….

SECOND: Admin. Offices

Most imaginative theme: “Santa’s workshop”, featuring (mostly) elves.

Some highlights: an accessible desk with step stool, for elves to work at; scheduling of elvish workdays, with Santa’s nap-times clearly delineated; an entire elvish village in what might have once been the Treasurer’s office. Paper snowflakes handcrafted from recycled invoices.

Who knew reindeer droppings looked so much like marshmallows?!?

THIRD: Public Works

Railing at entry decorated with lovely beribboned swags of pine

Staff festively dressed with seasonal jewelry

Best Christmas tree

(Special congratulations to the two staff members who represented all the roads, repairs and recycling folks in this event!)

All prizes involved edible treats.

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