| Nov 28, 2018

Edna Goslin of Sydenham celebrated her 100th birthday with a crowd of friends and relatives last Sunday at her current residence in Arbour Heights.

Edna, who was born Edna Pixley, grew up on her family farm on Wilson Road, east of Harrowsmith. She and Mel Goslin moved to Rutledge Road in Sydenham after their marriage, where for many years they farmed the area now becoming a subdivision. Edna raised their two children, Ann and Glen, while operating a beauty parlour in her home. In later years, she and Mel took over a small school bus line, and for many years, Edna drove one of the busses morning and evening.

Glen described his mother as a lifelong monarchist: “I remember we were dragged out of bed to watch or listen to the coronation, royal weddings and Christmas greetings. When the queen came to Canada, we went to see her.” The highlight of the many letters of congratulations was signed ‘Elizabeth’ and accompanied by a photo of the Queen. Edna at first shook her head in disbelief that her years of fascination with Elizabeth had finally been recognized with a personal response. Then she smiled.

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