| Nov 01, 2018

With more than an hour to go, the baked goods were down to a precious few at the Sydenham Women’s Institute Craft and Bake Sale Saturday at the Grace Centre in Sydenham.

They’d started the morning with three full tables and now they were down to less than half a table. The Girl Guides had already sold out at this point.

“It’s been busy,” said organizer Linda Bates. “It’s been one of those days but I’m OK with that.”

There were 20 vendors this year, plus the Girl Guides and the WI had five tables.

“I love it,” said Bates while tying Christmas ribbons for a customer. “I used to come to this 15 years ago before I was a vendor.

“One guy said he comes every year just to get his fudge.”

Others came for other crafts, baked goods, a hot lunch of soup or chilli and Bates said there’s another reason.

“Everything here is home made and that draws a lot of people,” she said. “But for me it’s also about just having the community come in for a chat.”

The WI holds two craft/bake sales a year. The 2019 spring event is scheduled for May 27.

“Every vendor except two have said they’re coming back,” said Bates.

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