| Oct 24, 2018

There were nine pages of awards given out Saturday night in the Storrington Lions Hall as the Frontenac 4H Association held its annual awards night.

The place was packed.

After the 4H pledge, led by the Cloverbuds, president Joan Dickson welcomed everyone and there were event reports on the Regional Judging, Heifer and Horse Competitions as well as Careermania and the Regional Go for the Gold.

Then senior 4H member Hilary Voith took over as emcee, a daunting job given the number of awards (nine pages) she had to announce.

In many ways, Voith embodies what 4H is all about. At 20 years old, she’s in her ninth year of 4H and continues to be active despite being in her third year of a Bsc Nursing degree.

“It’s reading week,” she said. “But this is a nice way to cap off a year and celebrate.

“Did you know that the pork tonight was raised by the 4H community.”

While winter activities for Voith are pretty much committed to nursing studies, she still remains active in the summer.

“I get my 48th Seal tonight,” she said. “I’ve been in swine club many years and this year I finally won Grand Champion Gilt (young female pig).

“And, we went to the regional judging competition this year and I placed 1st in senior judging.”

Voith said she has many fond memories of 4H and expects most other members would say the same.

“Fair Days . . .,” she said. “A lot of things really but Fair Days make me happy.

“Everyone’s hugging and there’s the sights, the smells, the judging.”

One 4H alumnus who seemed to be enjoying the evening was none other than South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vandewal.

“4H was everything when I was a kid,” Vandewal said. “It’s all you had and I was engaged in it.

“Bruce Cumpson even had a wedding shower for me at 4H.

“4H was a great experience for me.”

The Frontenac 4H Association Rally/Sign Up night is scheduled for Feb. 22 at the Glenburnie United Church.

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