Mar 14, 2018

One of the busiest buildings in South Frontenac is getting a facelift.

A contract to renovate the Storrington Centre, located in Sunbury next to the fire hall and library, was awarded to Anglin Group Construction.

“The current building doesn’t really meet the current building code for wheelchair accessibility,” explains Ron Sleeth, Storrrington District Councillor with South Frontenac Township. “Work to improve the hall will start as soon as the weather permits.”

Speaking from his historic farmhouse in Battersea, Sleeth says the hall will receive $204,000 worth of upgrades including a new septic system, wheelchair accessible doors and washroom, an upgraded kitchen and a folding door in the main hall.

The work will be done by the same company that was awarded the contract to build a new fire hall in Perth Road Village.

“The contractor intends to keep the facility open for events such as the Friday night jam sessions which are very popular,” says Sleeth, a dairy farmer and retired manager at DuPont Canada.

The renovations are welcomed in Storrington which just started to receive major infrastructure upgrades after years of inactivity.

“We’re pleased this project has come-in at budget and that a significant amount of work will be undertaken this year and over the next two to three years,” says Sleeth who credits this good news to the hard work of recreation committee volunteers

“The Storrington Recreation Committee lobbied hard for these improvements to the Storrington Centre because it is one of the busiest community halls in South Frontenac Township,” he said. “And Councillor Norm Roberts has been a great partner, working hard on behalf of Storrington District. He sits on the Recreation Committee and has been instrumental in pushing for these much-needed renovations and upgrades.”

Sleeth sees the project as good news for the area which is experiencing rapid development and growth. Located on the eastern edge of the township, Storrington is the largest tax base of the four districts in South Frontenac.

In 2017, the parking lot in front of the Storrington Centre was expanded and a sand dome was constructed. The dome cost $900,000 to build. In 2019, the parking lot around the hall will be paved.

Over the next two years, several roads in the district will be upgraded including sections of Sunbury Road, Round Lake Road and Carrying Place Road. Also, Gilmour Beach in Battersea will be redeveloped along with increased parking at the Ship Yards Boat Launch.

“These projects are good news for our area because major upgrades and renovations haven’t take place in years,” says Sleeth, Chair of the Public Services Committee which oversees municipal roads and buildings. “Thankfully, Storrington District has been well supported by the Public Works Department which serves our community 24-7.”

Located short drive from Kingston, Storrington District is experiencing commercial and residential growth such as two mini-malls and subdivision in Inverary.

“I think we have a vibrant community here,” says Sleeth. “It’s nice to see the municipality growing.”

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