| Jul 17, 2019

North Frontenac Township officially opened its Re-Use Centre at the 506 Waste Disposal site (3444 Road 506) last week.

The site has been open since May but Public Works Manager Darwyn Sproule said they needed some time to “put together inventory and organize volunteers” before ‘officially’ opening.

The site is open from May 15 to October 1 annually, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays and noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays.

They will accept a variety of items including small furniture, garden equipment, sporting goods, tools, toys, hardware, books, windows and doors, housewares, clean wood, craft materials and paint (not spray).

They do not accept hazardous materials such as propane tanks, batteries, bulky items (ie furniture), food waste, tires, liquids, unsanitary items (toilets, sinks, etc), textiles or clothing.

They do encourage people to use their bulky items posting board for such things (appliances, electrical devices, furniture) but bulky items for repurposing will not be delivered to, unloaded or stored at the Centre or Waste Disposal Site.

Sproule said they are pleased with the way things have been going so far and excited about the future of the site.

“This is the highest order of recycling,” Sproule said. “Items are dropped off and usable right away.

“This is opposed to all the steps in ordinary recycling including washing by residents, collection by the Township, transport to a recycling depot and then transport to a place where the materials can be repurposed — all of which requires energy output of some sort.”

Sproule said the operation was well underway when he took over from former Public Works Manager Jim Phillips.

“The building was purchased and the foundation in when I came in,” he said. “Jim and waste/recycling lead hand Gary Thompson were the ones who toured similar operations like the one at McDonalds Corners and others and got things moving.”

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