| Mar 06, 2019

North Frontenac’s recommendations to the Frontenac County strategic plan were remarkably similar to Central’s, following Kathleen Vollebregt’s visit to Council’s regular meeting last Friday in Plevna.

The County has been asking its member townships what they’d like to see in its strategic plan and so far, with the two northernmost municipalities weighing in, broadband and cell phone gaps and what to do about waste seem to be priorities. And, a County road system, but in name only so that provincial money can be accessed, would be nice too.

“Broadband gaps and cell phone services — everything hinges on that — bringing people into the community, economic development,” said Coun. Gerry Martin.

“A County road system,” said Coun. Vernon Hermer. “And possibly the County could consider a localized incinerator.”

“I’m still impatient on the post-landfill world,” said Coun. John Inglis. “That was a priority last time around and very little was done.

“(And) I don’t think the County should get any more involved with transportation than funding.”

“Cell phones,” said Coun. Fred Fowler. “We live in an abyss in Snow Road.

“It’s a big concern for a lot of people.”

“The last one on my list is Fairmount Home,” said Dep. Mayor Fred Perry, who was chairing the meeting while Mayor Ron Higgins is in Cuba. “Not many people from here go there.”

Council also had comments on the perceived risks question.

“Losing our identity is a concern,” said Martin.

“The more shared services there are, the more their budget will grow,” said Inglis. “We’ll have to watch that.”

13 systems inspected in 2018 re-inspection program

In North Frontenac’s 2018 septic re-inspection, there were 13 participants resulting in five no concerns, seven systems needing some remedial work, one with more information required and zero system replacements required, Eric Kohlsmith of the Mississippi Rideau Septic System Office told Council.

Public Works Manager Darwyn Sproule said the 2019 program will focus on Mazinaw, Hills, Kring, Mackie, Shaw, Turtle, and Cards Lakes, which contain a total of 378 properties with cottages/residences.

The 2018 program focused on Big Ohlmann, Brule, Crotch, Fortune, Minktrack, Mud, Norcan, Redhorse, Shawenegog, Story, Sunday, Malcolm and Sand Lakes, which contain a total of 355 properties with cottages/residences

Not for profits to get discount on permits

Council passed a resolution to provide a 30 per cent discount to all not-for-profit user groups and/or for the purpose of fundraising and/or organized events in regards to purchasing Daily Road Access Permits for future events on the Crown Roads within the Crown Land Stewardship Program.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Coun. Gerry Martin.

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