| Jan 09, 2019

You go in, pay your $9, tell them how you want your eggs done and then grab a coffee and a date square while you wait for them to bring your eggs on a plate. Then you go up to the warming table to add beans, fries and/or hash browns, bacon and/or sausage.

This is breakfast at the Snow Road Snowmobile Club house on select Saturday mornings.

“This is our fundraiser because we don’t get any money from trail fees,” said spokesperson Alice Gilchrist last Saturday morning. “We still have to pay for hydro, propane, taxes and toilet paper.

“Last year, we managed to make enough to buy a dishwasher and that’s been great. This year, we’re hoping to buy a generator for when the power goes out.”

They also manage to find funds for various charities, including melanoma, wheels of hope, Alzheimer’s and last year they hosted a snowmobile Ride for Dad fundraiser for prostate cancer. (They won’t be doing that this year because of unpredictable snow/trail conditions and lack of volunteers to handle such a large event.)

“We’re always looking for volunteers,” said Gilchrist. “Our trails aren’t open yet, a lot of that is because many of them are in swampy areas or cross lakes/rivers.

“But SNOW is our biggest problem. Mother Nature on our side would really help out.”

Gilchrist said that there were no such things as groomed trails when they started out.

“There used to be a group of five clubs that formed the K & P Trails Association that began in 1976,” she said. “One by one they folded and we’re the last one.

“But we’re still covering all the trails, just not in an association.”

But they’re hoping Mother Nature will cooperate soon. Until then, there’s still breakfast.

“We’ve gone through more than 20 dozen eggs and that doesn’t count the scrambled eggs that come in bags,” she said. “We have great community support and people come from as far away as Kingston, Smiths Falls and Stittsville.

“It’s a great family sport/activity.”

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