| Sep 12, 2018

Emcee Bill Cox welcomed residents, staff, board members, family and friends as they gathered on the lawns of Pine Meadows Nursing Home in Northbrook last Friday afternoon to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Pine Meadow is a 64-bed facility.

“I don’t know how this happened, I haven’t been on staff here for 17 years,” joked Cheryl Hartwick, now board chair of Land O’Lakes Community Services. Hartwick noted that four employees, public service workers Nancy Gaylord and Tony Boomhouer-Wilson, office co-ordinator Christine Bolduc and RN Anne Grahm-Aholu, have been there for the duration.

“There have been four administrators and over the years, there have been $1,339,749.10 in donations,” she said.

And, she took the time to share one of her “pet peeves.”

“When people say ‘Pine Meadows,’ I get upset,” she said. “It’s ‘Pine Meadow,’ — singular!”

Addington Highlands Reeve Henry Hogg brought greetings and congratulations from the Township. He also noted what the facility has meant to the community.

“Not only is it an essential service, it’s an important source of jobs and economic opportunity,” Hogg said.

Bringing greetings from North Frontenac Township, Coun. John Inglis said: “I’ve always been aware there is a significant number of residents from North Frontenac here.

“It’s a mystery as to why there is no financial contribution from Frontenac County.”

Sharon Gilmour, regional director for Extendicare, said: “I have 14 homes I’m responsible for and this one is my favourite.

“The home continues to enjoy the highest standards of financial responsibility and residents’ satisfaction.”

Land O’ Lakes Lions Club Red Emond said: “Twenty-five years ago, members of our club mortgaged their homes so this place could be built.

“We’ve donated $130,000 over the years and we’ll continue to support it.”

Representing the Family Council, chair Shirley Sedore’s voice began to shake as she offered her congratulations.

“I’ve been involved since before it was a dream,” she said.

Merritta Parks, president of the residents’ council who just turned 100, said she always she didn’t want to go into a nursing home until she came here.

“Our staff is wonderful,” she said. “They go from person to person, put their arm around your shoulder and whisper in your ear.

“I thank God we have a place like this.”

Ernest Lapchinski concluded the speeches by saying: “Persistence, cooperation and the need for a facility like this moved from what seemed to be impossible to become reality.

“Be proud, be very proud.”

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