| Sep 05, 2018

North Frontenac Council and the Township Committee of Adjustment went through its proposed new Zoning Bylaw page by page last Friday at a special meeting that lasted well into the afternoon.

“I think it’s good to get these things cleared up,” said Coun. Gerry Martin after the meeting. “We’re dealing with a lot of history here and many of the items go back a long time.”

Essentially, Council was pleased with the document enough to schedule an open house for the public to review changes and provide a final round of feedback on Oct. 27 at 10 a.m. Then, there will be a public meeting Nov. 23 at 1 p.m. (following the regular Council meeting) to finalize passage of the document.

Council did pass a resolution to instruct planner Tracy Zander to make a few amendments.

Here’s a list of said changes:

• Add definition for aquaponics

• Change medical marijuana to cannabis

• Change tiny house to tiny home

• Add a definition of Official Plan

• Remove family farm from definition of rural co-op

• Add doctor to definition of wellness centre

• Remove deck from Section 3.12

• Change 1 square metre sign to 2 square metre sign throughout bylaw

• Define nutrient unit

• Remove Section 3.20 hunting/fishing camp

• Change bylaw to guideline in Section 3.21

• Remove outdoor furnace section

• Remove Section 3.28 c) and change to commercial Section b)

• Add following uses to Hamlet Zone — cemetery and marina

• Add following uses to Rural Cooperative — industrial class I, multi-residential uses, Personal Service, printing/publishing, retirement home, commercial greenhouse and add site plan as a requirement.

Also Zander agreed to work on the section regulating the temporary use of recreational vehicles allowing trailers on any residential land for up to 14 days.

Some sections of the bylaw that were removed, such as wood-burning furnaces and solar regulations will likely resurface as separate bylaws at the recommendation of the planners.

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