| Aug 08, 2018

The Bytown Motorcycle Association would like to use part of the Arcol Road for its Calabogie Boogie event Sept. 8 and 9 this year, and were at North Frontenac Council’s regular meeting Friday in Plevna with a proposal.

The thing is, Arcol Road is one of North Frontenac’s Crown Land access roads, and it costs $12.95 for a use permit.

“We’re only going to be on it for like, three minutes,” said Chris Davis, president of the Bytown Motorcycle Association. “Our ridership for this event is limited to 200, so we’re thinking like $3 each.”

Davis said they’d like to enter into some type of long-term arrangement with the Township for use of its roads and trails.

“We’d like to work with staff for an appropriate relationship and fee structure,” he said. “We do trail maintenance and have a relationship with two ATV clubs and we’ve come up with $200,000 in grants.”

Greg Banks, Calabogie Boogie chair, said the bikes used by their membership aren’t specifically off-road or motocross bikes, more of the “enduro” variety with head and tail lights and spark arrestors in the 100-500 cc range.

CAO Cheryl Robson said the Township does have a fees bylaw, but changing it would require a public meeting, and the only available date would be the Aug. 24 meeting.

“I don’t know if we’ve given exemptions in the past or refused them,” Robson said. “We’d probably have to wait for Corey (Klatt, manager of community development) to get back from vacation for the answer to that.”

“I’m concerned that the ATV users might be annoyed if we gave you a discount,” said Coun. John Inglis.

“I think we’re trying to rush into this,” said Coun. Wayne Good. “There are still many questions.”

“I agree, and it’s kind of short notice,” said Mayor Ron Higgins. “And our hands are tied for this meeting.

“Maybe next meeting.”

Council instructed staff to look into it to see if something could be arranged both long and short term.


• • •

Council held a moment of silence for former North Frontenac Fire Chief Cor Bakelarr, who died last week. Bakelarr was chief in 2004-2005.


• • •

Council passed a resolution to pass on its concerns about a proposed boat launch at the Palmerston Lake Marina, but since it’s on private property, there doesn’t seem to be much else it can do.

The biggest issue seems to be that in order to launch larger boats, it’s almost inevitable that launchers will have to encroach on Road 509.

“A lot of people can’t back up a boat trailer that’s 45 feet long,” said Coun. Wayne Good. “I don’t know if there’s anything we can do, but I’m not for it.”

“They’re still using our road,” said Dep. Mayor Fred Perry. “I don’t think it’s viable.”

“People will put in 55-foot trailers and it will affect traffic on 509,” said Coun. John Inglis. “I think we do have the right to step on some toes.”

“I don’t think we have any legal right to mitigate and potential issues at this point,” said Mayor Ron Higgins.

“I think we could do something about it if we had enough concerns about it,” said Inglis.

“Darwyn’s (public works manager Sproule) trying to make it as safe as we can with speed reductions, brushing and signage (‘hidden entrance/no U-turns’),” said CAO Cheryl Robson.

“We should put in guardrails so people can’t make a left turn,” said Good.


Coun. John Inglis spelled out in no uncertain terms what he thinks about rules preventing the Palmerston Lake Restoration Project.

“The Township doesn’t own it, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority does,” Inglis said. “They can’t sell it without permission from the Ministry and when the Township tried to buy it, boundary issues surfaced.

“I think this is a tragedy of bureaucracy.”

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