David Arama | Jul 03, 2019

I take exception to Mr. Higgins being offended about sarcastic remarks, eg "used to working in the dark....". This must have struck a chord for a number of reasons. This non-elected mayor and council has abandoned tourism and businesses in the region. Furthermore, during recent floods, they had zero plans in place to help local property owners, and although they collect taxes, many of the North Frontenac taxpayers feel that they have been abandoned for the most part.

This region is so depressed, and has given up all hope, to the point that no one else ran for mayor or council. Now it appears that we have a non-elected dictatorship.

Higgins should spend more of his paid time working on creating jobs and business opportunities for the young people of North Frontenac, and start working on a plan for natural disasters such as floods, maybe take a look at other excellent townships eg Renfrew, instead of being so bold and egotistical as to attack a very respected local newspaper.

We are lucky to have a local newspaper, in these times when print is facing extinction. It takes tons of business savvy and perseverance to run a small community newspaper, and any small business for that matter. Attributes that seem to be sorely missing from this Township office.

David Arama

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