Helen Forsey | May 29, 2019

Although it's not surprising that the so-called "One Small Town" initiative has "fizzled", I don't think it's anything for North Frontenac Township to be embarrassed about. Which of us hasn't had nutty ideas at one time or another? Sometimes they work out; then they are called "creative". More often they don't. But so what?

I appreciate that our Council was cautiously willing to allow the proposal to move forward until it became clear that it wasn't going to work. Open-mindedness, tempered with caution and common sense, is something to be proud of, and that's the approach our Council took.

Let's keep things in perspective here. The most powerful people in the world are threatening humanity and the planet with the nuttiest and most dangerous of ideas, and the power to impose them. "Contributionism" may be nutty, but it's benevolent. It is certainly not going to hurt anyone or lead to war, famine and destruction. Our society needs people who dare to think outside the box, risk disapproval and failure, and learn from their experience. Otherwise we might as well be lemmings.

Helen Forsey

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