David Daski | May 29, 2019

Page 3 of your May 23 edition was of great interest to me, dealing as it did with community improvement. I agree with the Morrisons that all most properties need to improve their look is a bit of hard work on the part of their owners. There are, however, some properties that have more serious issues. I own two properties in the hamlet of Arden. These are along the river, but I have had the good fortune of purchasing lots that have, or have the potential of having, wells and full septic systems. At least three of my river neighbours, due to lot size, have septic holding tanks that must be pumped when full. One of my neighbours shares my well, and another, I understand, is forced to filter river water. This makes otherwise appealing properties difficult to sell.

There is a fair bit of public land in the vicinity and it had long ago occurred to me that some kind of communal septic bed located on public lands would greatly benefit the riparian property owners in Arden, as would a communal well. Joe Gallivan, County Manager for Planning and Economic Development, has presented the possibility of such communal systems being used to increase development in rural hamlets. I urge CF Council to investigate the possibility of communal water systems, such as the ones described by Joe Gallivan, as a means of improving the hamlet of Arden.

David Daski

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