Robert Charest | May 08, 2019

I maintain both the Cataraqui Trail (Perth Rd to Hwy 38 ie 18 km) and the Rideau Trail between Perth Rd and Upper Rock Lake access (section 05C,D and E i.e. 13 km). Every year I pick up the garbage on the Perth Road section 05C which is about 1.4 km. This year I got thirteen bags plus a carload of metal, wood and one tire. This is an average year: five bags for each one-half km. This includes 109 beer cans (see photo). I sort as much as possible for recycling. However no money or check was found! The money from the beer cans goes to a local charity. The Cataraqui Trail on a 35 km stretch (Chaffeys Locks-Hwy 38)  only gave out six beer cans and five water bottles.

Robert Charest     

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