Paul Pospisil | Mar 20, 2019

Well done, Randy! We are with you all the way.

Canada is in sore need of restoring democratic government. Our institutions are no longer trusted by the people. Our country is divided with friends and neighbours, driven apart by political rhetoric and manipulation. Anarchy is on the horizon and crime is on the increase. Ontario, once the mighty engine driving Canada’s economy, has been relegated to a debt-ridden province, a welfare state dependant on aid from other parts of Canada.

Our country is now well down the slippery slope of becoming nothing less than a tin pot dictatorship, run by self-serving gangs of greedy people. Its salvation is in the hands of people like yourself to stand up and be counted when a wrong is being committed.

The evolving story on the Hill, where another government was elected on the promise of positive change, only to quickly adopt the familiar pattern of secrecy, corruption and greed, leaving a bitter, sour taste that will take a lot of hard work to remove and restore the faith and trust of the population.

Stand by your principles, Randy. Democratic government, fragile and difficult as it may be, is a precious right of all freedom-loving peoples around the world.

From my many years of military service, seeing much of the outside world, and living in impoverished, failed nations, the alternatives to democracy are beyond the wildest of nightmares.

If you must, continue as an independent with no party affiliation. Your voice will ring loud and true despite the noise of the rabble.

A tired old army veteran,

Paul Pospisil

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