Marie White | Feb 20, 2019

In response to the write up and picture taken at the Sharbot Lake Legion on February 10th, I cannot imagine you were picking a person apart who was doing good for your home town. The man was organising an afternoon of fun, socialising and music. I was there. It was fundraising for the Food Bank and raised $450, plus a very big hamper. This man is a talented player, gospel singer, and country musician. He is also an artist.

Craig Bakay took pictures of the entertainers all afternoon. I thought how nice this would be for your community newspaper. How wrong I was.

It was disgusting digging up garbage from years back. No-one on this earth is lily-white. I sure heard a lot of buzz about this, bad buzz. I have to express my feelings about how this spoiled my day. We are all humans.

Remember you are in business; you need us and we need you. I am hoping for an apology. It would be a better world if everyone learned how to ‘live’, ‘love’, ‘forget’, ‘forgive’ and clean their own door stop and look at themselves.

Marie White

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