Kevin Harper | Feb 20, 2019

This Family day I had the misfortune of seeing a Harrowsmith resident abuse the owner of the Centex gas station In Harrowsmith. At 61 years old I would be first to admit that I at times am not as politically  correct as I should be. Things that were said and done in years past are no longer acceptable. What I saw was neither acceptable in the past and certainly has no business in any society today. A line was crossed.

The "customer" was upset because the owner had explained that his dog could not be allowed in the store. When I walked in I heard " why don't you go back where you came from you f----ing towel head. I was appalled!

This couldn't be happening in Harrowsmith but it was . He stormed out of the shop and walked back towards the village . Had he bothered to ask permission to bring the dog in prior this incident may had been avoided this time .Any one who acts this way just doesn't get there is simply no place fro this type of behaviour anytime. Dog owners need to understand that their pets are not always welcome everywhere. In this case because of the food in the store health regulations ban dogs other than service dogs. This upset me and still upsets me. I have always been proud to live in Harrowsmith, but yesterday I saw something ugly I hope I never see again.

Kevin Harper

Harrrowsmith, Feb 19 , 2019

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