Terry Grant | Dec 05, 2018

(Editorial note - The letter that was printed in Frontenac News 2018 edition 48, page 3, was missing the final three paragraphs of this letter. This is the original version, as submitted by Terry Grant)

Letter Re - Hartington subdivision

I am very thankful that this ordeal is finally over and has resulted in a favourable outcome, however, just like our mothers have always told us, ‘it only takes one bad apple to spoil a bunch’ Well I feel like that is what happened in this case.

When I was made aware that the decision from the tribunal was in my favour after waiting 18 months, I was very pleased. Countless hours, efforts from so many professionals and business monetary funds were not spent in vain. It is sad however that these measures had to be taken to pursue a plan of subdivision which had already been approved.

I am very appreciative towards the Mayor of South Frontenac and all the staff at the Township for their support throughout this ’witchhunt'. I am very disappointed in the inept Councillors who voted against the development. This cost the Township of South Frontenac as well as Frontenac County hundreds of thousands of tax payers dollars over a three year period.

During a public meeting, I witnessed one councillor when instructed to vote stated that he didn't understand the engineering process, and was therefore going to vote ‘no’. A second councillor stated he was also going to vote ‘no’ and let the taxpayers pay the bill at the OMB because he was unsure of how to vote.

A councillor is elected to ‘save’ the taxpayers money! They voted against multiple engineering firms who supported and stated this was a viable project, as well as against the recommendations from their own staff.

I would like to apologize to the taxpayers of South Frontenac for the extra taxes they will have to pay because of uninformed and therefore unqualified councillors.

We drilled 12 wells as a requirement, all producing between 8 gallons per minute up to 50+ gallons per minute, all of good quality and we were still called out on a water issue. Hydrological studies were performed to the satisfaction of the township and the county and we met all the requirements.

The OMB decision clearly stated that this process was pretty much a complete waste of time as there was no viable research to oppose the development.

As a small developer/builder who lives in this area, I only want what is best for the community. Change and growth are a positive thing. Many area businesses, schools and community groups will have a chance to grow and prosper with economic growth. I am also thankful to the many parties who have supported me during this process. Now, lets all move forward in a positive manner and hopefully put this all behind us.

Terry Grant

T Grant Custom Homes

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