Pierre de Bassecourt | Oct 03, 2018

I was very pleased to read in The Frontenac News that the subject of a re-use centre was brought up at the debate in Mountain Grove. I believe that a re-use centre can be a vital part of the Township's waste reduction strategy. Lanark and Tay Valley counties have vibrant re-use centres which not only save tonnes of re-usable items from the dump but also promote civic responsibility and the reduce, re-use and recycle mindset critical to extending the life of our landfills.

Some of you may not be aware that there is a committee of council in place to establish a re-use committee represented on council by Victor Heese. In the Spring of 2015 Victor Heese was approached by a group of residents and a committee of council was established in the Fall of 2015. The first meeting of the committee was in the Winter of 2016. It is now the Fall of 2018 and there is no re-use centre on the horizon.

We need leadership to get this project moving.

Pierre de Bassecourt

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