Mike Fetzer | Sep 19, 2018

Thank you for your excellent editorial on Limestone School Board policy for muzzling critics, concealing information from taxpayers and suppressing debate.  It is hard to believe, and equally sad, that some seemingly dictatorial board members are empowered to direct the education of Canadian youth toward leadership roles in a nation with such strong democratic principles.  Board chair Paula Murray’s terse and arrogant response to a citizen inquiry that “majority rule” and the “will of the board” determine the Board’s direction seems more appropriately attributable to an autocratic dictator than to a purported educational leader in Canada.  Government is for all the people, with due regard to the rights of citizens and residents of all communities, large and small.  Murray’s response provides insight into why rural residents seem so marginalized and ignored in educational decisions and resource allocation.  I hope the Frontenac news will continue to advocate aggressively for open, inclusive, responsible, transparent and accountable government at all levels where both rural and urban citizens are treated fairly. 

Mike Fetzer

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