Norm Hart | Feb 16, 2017

So you didn’t get your Alternative Vote system. I agree, it would have helped to ensure Liberal victories. You would be in the middle between the ‘godless communists’ on the left and the ‘fascist capitalists’ on the right. But, to quote the Rolling Stones, “you don’t always get what you want.” It seemed like if I can’t have it my way, then no one gets to play - a grade school hissy fit.

The Prime Minister also canceled his election promise of electoral reform mainly because there was no consensus. Liberals, meaning Trudeau, want the alternative ballot, the NDP and Green Parties want proportional representation, and the Conservatives want a referendum. Is is not the Prime Ministers role to find consensus and compromise? Clearly, he doesn’t want to share polices or power with other political parties. Real life doesn’t work that way. Why should the government be any different?

As part of Canada’s history, in 1999, Steven Harper and Tom Flanagan, his campaign manager, penned an essay praising Proportional Representation when it looked like they were not going to win a majority. As soon as a chance for a majority appeared, the Conservatives forgot about electoral reform. Why should your government be any different from the Harperman Conservatives?

From all this two things have come out, we now know the Prime Minister believes the electoral system is designed by the politicians for the politicians, and not for the Canadian voters.

And through your election rhetoric, electoral reform promise, the electoral reform committee, the town hall meetings, and the nation wide survey you lead so many Canadians down the garden path. No one likes to be lead there!
Norm Hart

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