Jan 09, 2019

On Friday, December 14, GREC’s Indigenous Studies class welcomed Christine Craig to their classroom to present a workshop as part of their participation in the Great Canoe Journey.

Ms. Craig took the students through a presentation in which she shared the knowledge she was given by Elders and knowledge keepers during a visit to British Columbia. The teachings centred around the Indigenous World View, particularly with respect to water. It stressed the importance of water conservation and preservation, and the challenges to these brought about by agriculture and industry.

Part of the Great Canoe Journey’s program, as well as education, is a challenge to students to do something to promote water conservation and preservation. GREC’s Indigenous Studies class chose to connect the Voyageur culture and Metis Dot Art teachings they received from Candace Lloyd with the Great Canoe Journey, by dot-painting canoe paddles.

The class had already started their paddle painting prior to the workshop, and were proud to show Ms. Craig their work. Ms. Craig was impressed with the quality of the work, and said she had visited many classes, but this was the first one to do this kind of project for The Great Canoe Journey.

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