| Aug 01, 2013

Becki, Theresa and Katie, the three Procter sisters who hail from Sharbot Lake, got a special surprise as they walked to the shore of Oso beach after successfully completing their fifth annual three kilometre Swim of Hope on July 27.

Following the close to two-hour swim, the three sisters were greeted by Claire Macfarlane, unit president of KLF&A Canadian Cancer Society, who congratulated the ladies for their efforts.

“What a great job, ladies. We surely appreciate all you have done for the Canadian Cancer Society over the last five years,” Macfarlane said.

This year was an especially memorable swim since Katie made it while six months pregnant. The three began their swim at 10am at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and Becki reported that the conditions were good. They swam under sunny skies with a few waves and all three looked a bit chilled but in very high spirits after landing on the beach around noon. Theresa said she initiated the Swim Of Hope event after she missed participating in that year’s annual Relay for Life event in Parham.

“I knew that I wanted to do something to contribute to the cause and that was how the idea for a swim across the lake arose.”

This year alone the sisters raised over $1000 for cancer research. Those who still want to donate can do so online at http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/hopeswim2013

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